Winter Train Holidays | Winter Holidays

Winter Train Holidays | Winter Holidays

Winter Train Holidays: There are those whose idea of fun is to hurtle down frozen mountains at breakneck speed, and those who wish to view a winter wonderland from a totally different perspective. 

These are the tourists who choose to take winter train journeys through Europe to embrace the glorious white landscape, but in comfort and warmth. 

There are many great winter train journeys, and here are three of the best.

Winter Train Journeys

No list of European Winter train journeys would be complete without mentioning the Trans-Siberian Express. 

While it doesn’t actually remain within Europe for its entire journey, it begins and ends there, and really takes the passenger back in time to the great age of steam. 

Starting in Russia, travelling to Japan and then back round, this is one of the greatest winter train journeys in the world.

The Jungfrau Railway takes its passengers through one of the most exquisite countries synonymous with winter; Switzerland. 

One highlight of the Jungfrau Railway is the section where it travels through the Eiger to reach Jungfraujoch, the highest railway station in Europe. 

Encompassing such delights as Montreaux and Interlaken, this is one of the best winter train journeys in Europe.

The train journey that takes in the Venice Carnival and Lake Bled combines culture with a stunning backdrop of glistening lakes, and snow topped forests. 

Winter Train Holidays

From its starting point in Paris the train winds its way across to Venice where passengers get to spend a couple of days is the fabulous floating city. 

From there it continues onto Lake Bled, the most romantic and in demand resort in Slovenia.

There are many websites offering winter train journeys around Europe, and these are just a small selection of the vast itineraries available. 

These have made the top three due to popularity and customer feedback, and if you want to see Europe in winter in comfort, a train journey is for you.

Winter Train Holidays

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