This is Why you Should Go Camping!

This is Why you Should Go Camping!

Why you Should Go Camping: More and more families are choosing to take their holidays domestically as opposed to braving the hustle and bustle that travelling abroad can sometimes bring.

In the UK, the number of people enjoying breaks close to home has risen especially after the pandemic.

One of the big strengths that the UK tourism industry has is the quality of outdoor holidays all across the country.

Over five million people in Britain take caravan/outdoor holidays each year, and that number is set to grow and grow.

With that in mind, here’s a breakdown explaining just what makes a UK outdoor holiday oh so special.

1) Going Green

Environmental responsibility is at the heart of society’s choices these days and outdoor holidays are both seen, and promoted, as a low impact holiday.

Many campsites boast biodiversity sites, where special wildlife can be found and most outdoor resorts in the UK promote environmental action plans.

Not a careless greenhouse gas emission in sight!

2) Bring the Family Together

One strength of outdoor holidays is that they appeal to a broad spectrum of people, with family groups making more visits than ever before.

Camping holidays give a family a great chance to discover the outdoors together, and most sites host enough activities to keep everyone entertained – whether it’s long hikes for the parents or simple stuff like jumping around in muddy puddles for the kids!

3) Quality Caravanning

The standard of outdoor resorts in the UK is amongst the best in the world.

For those who view camping as ‘too messy’, caravans are a perfect alternative.

Fully furnished, clean and with bags of room – you can have no quarrels with the majority of caravan sites in the UK.

In Scotland, all sites require to be of a 4 or 5 star standard – luxury is closer to home than you think!

Why you Should Go Camping
4) Face the Music!

There’s no denying that the UK has one of the best summer festival circuits in the world, so why not twin up your camping holiday with a weekend of incredible live music?

There are over 200 festivals across the country, and none provide a better backdrop for the social side of domestic holidays.

5) Freedom and Flexibility

A survey found that being able to enjoy ‘freedom and flexibility’ are the top reasons for the British public making the choice to holiday outdoors.

A camping holiday very much presents holidaymakers with a ‘get up and go’ attitude, with activities including walking, cycling, rambling and fishing all being in close proximity to campsites.

With an outdoor holiday, there really are fewer restrictions.

Outdoor trips in the UK provide a truly unique holiday experience.

Will you become part of the growing crowd looking for breaks closer to home?

Let us know below in the comments section.

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