Where is Hot in March to go on Holiday?

Where is Hot in March to go on Holiday?

Read our March holidays information below to help you decide on where to go on holiday this year.

At Oasis Holidays we’re seeing lots of people searching for holidays in March at the moment.

With plenty of people looking for holidays before Easter arrives in April! 

So where are the best destinations for March holidays? Read on to find out!

European destinations such as Spain, France and Greece are still emerging from Winter in March, ready for their Summer season starting in May. 

So if you want somewhere hot for a holiday you’ll need to look further afield.

Thailand Holidays in March

With its Sub-tropical climate, Thailand is an ideal holiday escape during the colder months in the UK. 

Although there will be some rain during March, it is usually a welcome respite from the heat and humidity during the day, although not as hot as during April/May.  

Average temperatures are around the 29C mark with about 60mm of rain. 

Popular resort areas such as Phuket and Pattaya offer sun drenched pristine white sands and relaxation to a T if you’re looking to get away from it all.  

The longer flight is rewarded by the cheaper prices once in Thailand, with accommodation and costs in resorts being cheaper than your average fortnight in many European/Mediterranean holiday resorts. 

Definitely one to consider should you want to escape for a holiday to somewhere different.

Where is Hot in March

Florida Holidays in March

Immensely popular this time of year, especially with families looking to visit Disney World, Florida holidays in March are a good time to visit as it’s hot but not too hot and the rainfall is much less compared to the Summer months.

Plus you’ll be avoiding the peak holidaying season in the Easter holidays. 

Temperatures average around the mid 20C’s and cool off in the evenings to a pleasant temperature. 

The good thing about Florida is there’s so much choice! Villas, apartments, hotels, motels you name it Florida has it, meaning you can plan your holiday around your budget. 

Florida is never going to be a cheap choice compared to say Spain, but it is a trip of a lifetime with so much to do (especially with the family) and see.  

You’ll be spoilt for choice at the Disney World resorts and complexes not forgetting Universal Studios.

It’s something everyone should do once in their lifetime so why not do this in March.

Where is Hot in March
Canary Island Holidays in March

If you can’t bear flying long haul and just want a quick week away in the sunshine, the Canaries are still your best bet this time of year.  

Canary island holidays with their climate warmed by their proximity to Africa, islands such as Tenerife, Lanzarote and Gran Canaria are consistently popular during the colder months in the UK. 

With average temperatures around 23C you’re assured of some warm sunbathing on the miles and miles of beaches here. 

There’s also plenty to do and see, with attractions such as Mount Teide in Tenerife, various water parks and much more. 

You can usually get some good deals for the Canary Islands in March as well.

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