Where is Hot in January to go on Holiday?

Where is Hot in January to go on Holiday?

Where is hot in January to go abroad?

Read our January Holidays travel guide to find out the best destinations to visit if you want hot winter sun holidays now!

January, dark, cold and wet in the UK but sunny and hot in other destinations across the globe.  

After the upheaval and enjoyment of Christmas, coming back to your desk at work is a bit of a let down….but the upside is that there are plenty of January Holiday Sales on and cheap holidays to be found in much hotter drier holiday destinations.  

We’d recommend the following if you’re trying to find out where’s hot in January for a holiday:

Canary Island Holidays in January

Always popular with UK holidaymakers over the winter period here as these 7 Spanish islands offer warmth, sunshine and short flying times from the UK.  

Due to their location near to Africa the climate here is subtropical with miles of beaches and wonderful scenery which stems from the Canary Islands holidays islands volcanic origins. 

The most popular of the islands are usually Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote although Fuerteventura is also popular with the Brits for Canary Island Holidays.  

Party in Playa De Las Americas or relax in Costa Adeje in Tenerife, chill out on Fuerteventura’s miles of beaches and golden sand dunes or explore the moon-like landscape and activities of Lanzarote.  

Where is Hot in January

Egypt Holidays in January

Resorts like Sharm el Sheikh holidays remain popular and most importantly safe for holidaymakers to visit.  

Sharm El Sheikh holidays are a Winter Sun favourite due to their beautiful beaches, hot weather, plentiful activities especially diving and high quality hotels including many All Inclusive holiday options. 

If you want to experience Egyptian culture and history but also like the comfort of well kept modern hotels, this is the place for you. 

Sunworshippers are in their element in Egypt as Winter temperatures are still in the 20C’s here in January and there’s plenty of beaches to choose from!

Mexico Holidays in January

The best time to visit Mexico for a beach holiday is usually between October and June as you avoid the main wet season here and can benefit from temperatures in the 20C’s and 7 hours of sunshine a day.  

Popular resorts are situated along the Southern coast and the Yucatan Peninsula include the Riviera Maya, Cancun, Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos and Cozumel amongst others.  

Mexico gives tourists a wonderful opportunity to experience ancient historical sites and cultures coupled with stunning scenery and sun-kissed beaches (450 in total!).  

Where is Hot in January

It is a destination that definitely has to be considered if you’re looking for January holidays.  

There’s a wealth of All Inclusive holiday options here if that’s your thing, as well as many different hotels and resorts to choose from.  

Caribbean Holidays in January

So many stunning Caribbean islands to choose from and not enough time!  

The Caribbean Islands draw millions of visitors every year to Barbados, their shores with white sands, warm seas and a tropical vibe that’s like no other.  

Popular other choices include Jamaica, Antigua, Dominican Republic and St. Lucia amongst others for Winter Sun holidays and All Inclusive options.  

January is moving towards peak holiday season for many of the Caribbean islands as the weather is at its optimum, especially in Barbados.  

With an increase of UK tourists also choosing to tie the knot abroad now, the Caribbean is also a great backdrop for a wonderful wedding day.

Benidorm Holidays in January

Though perhaps not the most obvious choice for holidaymakers looking for something hot in January.

The Costa Blanca coastline and especially Benidorm still proves popular for many for Winter Sun as it’s good value for money, warm (but not hot), friendly and only a couple of hours flight away.  

Many tourists stay for extended periods throughout Winter here, enjoying the familiar and welcoming hotels, restaurants, nightlife and beaches of Benidorm.

Where is Hot in January

The mountains along this coastal area here shelter the two curved beaches in Benidorm creating a climate that is warmer than other parts of Spain.

Africa Holidays in January

Destinations such as Kenya with its long white undeveloped beaches and variety of Africa Holidays hotel options can be an ideal break from the UK winter weather.

Choose one of the hotels (many all inclusive) along the fine stretches of coast here and experience hot temperatures (in the 30C’s) and minimum rain.  

If you want to go on safari, January is prime time to see animals congregating around water holes due to the heat in Africa destinations such as Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. 

In Tanzania’s more northerly safari parks wildebeest, zebra and gnu migrate during this time so you may get lucky and see lots of them!

Maldives Holidays in January

The Maldives are a series of islands situated in the idyllic Indian Ocean.  

If you’re looking to escape from it all, the Maldives are a fantastic choice, especially for honeymoons.  

They are quiet and relaxed with minimal activities to do such as diving, snorkelling and water sports.  

There are a variety of quality hotels to choose from on the various different islands so ask us for advice on which one to book, depending on your requirements. 

Where is Hot in January

The Maldives in January will be hot, with lots of sunshine each day and warm sea waters…bliss!

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