Where are the Best Beaches in the World?

Where are the Best Beaches in the World?

Where are the Best Beaches: Who doesn’t like beaches? Sunshine, sand, cool water, and chilly wind are some things people search for on beaches. 

If you want to travel and explore beaches this holiday, we have the list of five most famous beaches that you will love. 

It’s hard to decide the number one with so many beaches but we will give it a try!

As some books, travel magazines, and blogs report, the first place goes to Seychelles in Anse Source d’Argent, one of the islands in Indian Ocean. 

It is famous with turquoise water and pink sand, the beaches known as the most photographed beaches.

The second famous is the Maldives, one of the most famous beach resorts. 

The beautiful beaches supported by the soft air, many people called it ‘heaven on earth’. 

Where are the Best Beaches

Then there is Bora-Bora, which means ‘Romantic Island’, in Tahiti. 

Located in one of the Polynesia islands, it is famous for its quiet atmosphere. 

If you are looking for a beautiful beach close to New York, then we recommend you to come to the Hamptons, the most beautiful beach along the Long Islands.

Hawaii is known as the places of many pretty beaches. 

And one of the prettiest is Lanikai beach. 

The shore is protected by reefs, it is relatively calm to surf there. 

It also has green water, white sands, and green tropical plants. 

Grab your sunglasses and surf-board, the five beaches we recommended are waiting for you.

Where are the Best Beaches in the World

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