When is the Best Time of Year to Go on Holiday?

When is the Best Time of Year to Go on Holiday?

When is the best time of year to go on holiday?

This is one we can discuss everyday of the year but there really is not a right answer.

It all depends on a number of factors, time of work, school holidays, summer beach holidays, winter holidays and budgets to name a few.

Winter Sun Holidays:

If you’re looking for some last minute holidays now and want to enjoy some Winter Sun, and let’s face it who doesn’t want to escape the cold weather here at the moment, look no further!  

Popular destinations for Winter Sun include the Canary Islands, Caribbean, Egypt and Africa as they all offer sunshine and warm weather.  

Many of these destinations are offering last minute deals if you can pack and go in short notice.

Easter/Spring Breaks:

Easter is becoming a popular time of year to go away especially for families looking to travel to places such as Florida and Disney world as the queues can be slightly shorter than in peak Summer months (depending on when the schools break up mainly) and the weather is less humid.  

For non-family holidaymakers a quick week away in March/April time if timed well can save money on your holiday as hotels look to encourage travellers in before the peak season starts.  

Places such as Cyprus and Greece can be pleasant around this time if you’re looking for a bit of sunny weather. 

Spring time is also a good time to travel to Dubai and the Middle East, before the temperatures hit the 40C’s in the middle of the Summer.

When is the Best Time of Year to Go on Holiday
Summer Holidays:

Summer once again will offer plenty of opportunities to travel to places near and far, with many holiday makers expected to return to countries outside the eurozone this year again such as Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt.

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Booking Your Holidays

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