What to Do in Teide National Park Tenerife

What to Do in Teide National Park Tenerife

What to Do in Teide National Park: Teide national park which is home to Mount Teide stands at 3718 meters (12198 foot) and is also the highest peak in Spain and the world's third largest volcano.

The last eruption of mount Teide was in 1909.

The area around mount Teide was declared a national park in 1954, the national park has a volcanic crater 48 km in circumference in which Mount Teide is found.

Mount Teide stands at an impressive 3.718 meters high and is the highest mountain in Spain.

Mount Teide stands so high that in winter snow is a very common sight.

In the summer months the temperatures can reach above 40C.

From the peak of mount Teide you can see Gran Canaria, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro.

Things to See on Teide Tenerife

The main past time of visitors to Tenerife is walking up the mountain but without a summit permit (which you obtain for free) you are only allowed as far as the two miradors and their connecting path.

Much of the mountain is restricted to help avoid potential erosion and disturbance.

What to Do in Teide National Park

The drive up to Mount Teide is also very scenic taking you through some lush green forests where you are able to stop off and take in the views.

You can drive up to the cable car area to get to the very top of Mount Teide but parking is very limited.

There are many organised tours that you can take which you can book either through your tour operator or through a third party.

Although a place of natural beauty, it is very important for tourism as the mount has around 4 million visitors every year.

What to do in Teide National park Tenerife Holidays

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