What are the Best Cities to Visit in Europe?

What are the Best Cities to Visit in Europe?

What are the Best Cities to Visit in Europe?

There are a number of wonderful European cities that are an absolute must to see when it comes to you making a definite call on which places to visit.

However I would recommend going to the following 5 European cities at the earliest opportunity – Paris, Barcelona, Munich, Geneva and Rome.

Naturally there are many other glorious and extraordinarily gorgeous western European cities that probably will have an enduring effect on you with their individual beauty and exquisiteness.

Best European Cities to Travel to on Holiday

The first of the 5 cities to say is Paris, which continues to stun folk with its splendidly romantic charm.

This city is one of the world’s foremost most pretty cities that emit love, wonderful design and a special spirit to die for.

What are the Best Cities to Visit in Europe

Paris City Breaks France

Paris – When you're in Paris you have to see the town from on board a ship cruising on the Seine river.

You literally cruise through the centre of the town and can see the very soul and lots of its most glorious sites such as the : Eiffel Tower, Notre dame, Grand Palais, The Pantheon and Sorbonne.

Make a point also of seeing The Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysee and Palace of Versaille, Disneyland Resort, castle de Vincennes and castle de Fontainebleau while you are in Paris.

You have got to experience the thrill of Paris by touring on the stream, taking a bike ride, drinking and eating at many of it’s excellent restaurants and cafeterias.

This way of touring the French capital will give you a real flavour and feel for the Parisian way of life.

The nightlife in Paris is actually grand and chic with many of the world's top DJ’s playing here.

There are so many engaging places to visit.

Paris by night is like seeing a city made of valuable diamonds.

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Barcelona City Breaks

Barcelona – One of the planet’s most diverse cities with over 2,000 years of history has both a new and old part to the city.

It has both Catalan and Gothic design.

There are a bunch of buildings, which are unique world heritage sites.

Folk come from far and wide to view these buildings.

Barcelona is situated in the centre of Catalonia on the east coast of Spain.

Barcelona was formerly an Olympic town as well having hosted the 1992 Summer Olympics.

It is a vibrant city that has wonderful nightlife, superb markets and lovely beaches.

The climate is a Mediterranean temperate climate.

This is a bilingual town as well – Catalan and Spanish.

One of the very best football groups in the world has their home here.

Barcelona is a completely unique team that has got a special set-up and is set up on principles and a culture that can’t be duplicated anywhere else in the world.

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City Breaks to Munich Germany

Munich – Situated in the centre of Bavaria in the south of Germany.

This is not a city dominated by skyscrapers but it is a unique town that is completely different to other German and indeed western European cities.

It is an enchantingly lovely town, with special charm and culture.

Munich was formerly a Summer Olympics city in 1972 and may be selected to be a Winter Olympics town for the 2018 games.

Munich has many great attractions such as the Palaces of
Schleißheim and Neuschwanstein, Bavarian State Opera, Bavarian Film Studios, Olympic Park, Cathedral Church of Our woman, English Garden (biggest park), BMW Museum, Allianz Arena (Futuristic Stadium and Lake Konigssee).

There are a few other glorious Palaces and Parks that are also a must see.

The world’s most famous beer hall – The Hofbrauhaus is hot for both travellers and locals. You must visit and experience Oktoberfest.

While in Munich i recommend you also see The Ludwig Castles particularly Neuschwanstein Castle, they’re actually spectacular.

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Geneva City Breaks

Geneva – The most French of Swiss cities.

Located at the southern end of Lake Geneva, it has mountains on two sides of the Lake.

This is a wonderful city going back to three thousand BC.

Geneva has a magnificent location.

Home to the western European HQ, world HQ of the Red Cross, the Centre to world peacemaking organisations and world HQ to anything concerning luxury.

The town has so many impressive buildings including St Peter’s Cathedral, Palais of Countries, Museums of Art and History, Promenade Des bastions, ten enchanting castles, outstanding lakes and parks and the Jet d’Eau Fountain.

There’s a striking Russian Orthodox church with a Gold dome that is easily worth a visit.

You must also take a tour of the pleasant Lake Geneva.

The scenery is breathtaking.

The biggest party and celebration of Independence Day outside of the US is in Geneva and yes it's on July 4th.

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City Breaks to Rome Italy

Rome – Rome is sort of simply marvelous when it comes to ancient ruins and history.

There are very few cities in the world to compare to Rome.

It is impossible to move more than 1 or 2 metres before coming across another stunning historic building or statue.

Since the Millennium the town was given a great face lift after in depth cleaning occurred of nearly all the ancient buildings, statues, monuments and so on.

Rome will leave you in awe.

You’ve got to see Rome by walking generally and then seeing the 7 hills by automobile or bus.

Naturally use the Underground train system also.

You literally do not want to miss anything.

Only by walking will you hope to capture each solitary metre of ground practically all of which is so dear!

Your eyes explode at all of the many ancient and historic ruins.
Sites to see : The seven hills of Rome, The Colosseum, The Pantheon, St Peter’s Square, The Tivoli Fountain and so much more.

Rome has many wonderful cafes, cafeterias and bars.

The city has fantastic nightlife and is equally an impressive city to see by night.

Try the above 5 European cities that have many nice things to see and experience for a life of rich memories.

Do you have a favourite place in Europe to visit?

Let us know below in the comments section!

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