What are the Best Beaches in Florida?

What are the Best Beaches in Florida?

What are the Best Beaches in Florida: Florida is a place famous in the world mainly because it has some of the world’s most wonderful coastlines and best beaches.

The Florida beaches can offer some fantastic scenes and cool sea breeze.

It can also be a perfect place for beach activities such as relaxing, boat ride and surfing among others.

Some of the five major beaches in Florida include Daytona Beach, Longboat Key beach, Sanibel Island Beach, Smathers Beach, and Cocoa Beach.

Daytona Beach Florida

Daytona Beach is considered the world’s most famous beach and is located in Central Florida at the east coast.

This beach is often regarded to have some of the best experiences since;

· It has an outstanding resource for those individuals looking for accommodations for hearing, sight, and movement disabilities.

· One can drive a vehicle, take a stroll or even ride a bike on this beach.

· In designated areas, an individual can surf for more than 8 hours a day.

· The beach’s white sand is 23 miles and for 7 days a week it is open 24 hours.

· Beach wheelchairs are also offered.

Longboat Key Beach Florida

The beach, also known as Long beach, is located between the southern part of Anna Maria Island and northern part of Lido Key.

The Mexican Gulf lies on the western side of Anna Maria Island and the Sarasota Bay lies on the eastern side.

Additionally, the northern tip of Long beach is the location of Beer Can Island.

What are the Best Beaches in Florida

This beach is also considered famous because;

· It is non-crowded and quiet, hence an ideal place for people who like privacy.

· It comprises a long and soft white-sandy beach perfect for a long stroll.

· At the beach, next to Beer Can Island, is a curved sandy bar, which offers shelter for boat riders.

· Beach resorts and bench front estates also line the lovely and immaculate ocean waters.

Sanibel Island Beach

The beach is majorly known for shell hunting; people come mainly to look for shells for their collection. It is located near Myers at the Gulf coast.

The most famous spot on this beach is the “Sanibel Stoop,” which attracts people from all corners of the world.

This beach is regarded famous because;

· It is a wildlife refuge for animals like pelicans, American crocodiles, egrets, bald eagles, and American alligators. One can therefore spot some wildlife.

· Has a variety of shells.

· One can have fun finding whelks, scallops and sand dollars.

Smathers Beach Florida

Smathers Beach is located at Key West in Florida.

This beach has also been rated as one of the best beaches in world because;

· An individual has the pleasure of renting an umbrella or even jet skis.

· An individual can swim, plan boat trips and can be served by food vendors on the beach.

· The beach has an extraordinary sunset sail.

Cocoa Beach Florida

Cocoa Beach, famous for offering the best surfing spots, is also among the best beaches in the world.

The beach is also known to be the home to Ron Jon, the famous surf shop. Cocoa Beach is a perfect place to visit because;

· It has a summer surf camp, a place where someone can learn surfing.

· It has a deep sea suitable for fishing.

· The beach also has an eco-tour where one can see wildlife.

· The beach is an affordable vacation spot with plenty of action.

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