Whale Watching in Augusta Australia

Whale Watching in Augusta Australia

Whale Watching In Augusta Australia: Augusta is a fishing community situated on Cape Leeuwin where the Indian and Southern Oceans meet.

The locality features breath-taking scenery, wondrous natural caves, bright beaches, delectable dining, world-renowned wineries, and a substantial stretch of beaches best for surfing and whale watching.

Augusta presents the distinct chance to view two varieties of whale in one location making it a best location for whale watchers in particular.

For whale watching, Augusta gives you something special, like the following:

Per annum Southern Right and Humpback whales make the great journey from the cool waters of Antarctic north first stopping in the comfortable, bright waters of Flinders Bay, Augusta.

Between June and September they mate, have fun with, and feed.

The whales then go on to Geographe Bay, another local location for whale watchers, where at risk Blue Whales are also occasionally spotted.

Augusta is one of the only locations in the world viewers can see both Southern Right and Humpback whales interacting in a solitary location giving something quite special for aquatic aficionados.

How to Look at the Whales

Augusta offers several possibilities for all age groups to watch whales from either land or boat.

Whale Watching In Augusta Australia

As far as land-based whale viewing, Augusta has one selection in particular that stands apart, the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. 

Leeuwin Lighthouse looks out over Flinders Bay with cost-free binoculars accessible for better whale viewing. 

The lighthouse is open to the public and even has a café that serves delectable hot cocoa the kids are sure to enjoy.

For those looking to watch whales by boat, there are three notable charter providers in the area, Naturaliste Charters, Legend Charters and All Sea Charters, that offer whale watching tours for all ages. 

Each tour is nearly two to three hours in length should the weather permit.

Whale Watching Charter Functions Include

-Life-jackets for security (Child sizes are also readily available, of course.)

-Food and refreshments such as tea, pastries, and other delicious tidbits

-A see-a-whale ensure. All three charters have a 99 percent sighting effectiveness and present a free retry if a whale is not seen creating charters a sure-bet to see a whale.

-Whale watching excursions at sun-set for a romantic and distinctive experience, and additionally a good opportunity for photographs to preserve the memory.

Whale Watching in Augusta Australia

Whenever it comes to watching whales in Augusta, Australia it can’t be beaten in offering a once-in-a-lifetime encounter for all ages to view two species of whale jump, splash, play, feed, and stay in their natural ecosystem.

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