Western Saloon Bar Benidorm | Benidorm Live Music

Western Saloon Bar Benidorm | Benidorm Live Music

One of the best bars on the Benidorm Strip is the Western Saloon Bar Benidorm.

Located at the start of the main strip just by Morgan Tavern the Western Saloon Bar is a great place to start or finish a night out in Benidorm.

At the Western Saloon Bar you get that electric atmosphere, great music and a good pint.

You can hardly walk past here without glancing in as there is always something going on.

During the day the party gets started with live music pumping throughout the bar.

Evening is just as busy as the time when more of Benidorm’s top acts take to the stage and give you an evening you will remember.

Drink prices are about right for a bar on the main strip.

Not the cheapest but what you get in entertainment value and atmosphere it’s well worth the extra Euro.

Western Saloon Bar Benidorm

Normally the live music starts around 4pm and goes on till late into the night.

Acts such as the Cabeytu Brothers, Pablo Bloom and John the Fiddler are all regulars here.

During the Benidorm Fancy Dress Party, the Western Saloon is very popular.

Known as the main meeting point they even set up bars directly on the street to handle the amount of people here!

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