Valle de Mogan Restaurante Gran Canaria

Valle de Mogan Restaurante Gran Canaria

Valle de Mogan Restaurante Gran Canaria: The Valle de Mogan Restaurante is quite possibly not only the place to dine in Mogan, but in Gran Canaria.

Around 10 minutes via taxi from Mogan, Valle de Mogan Restaurant is not only 5 star dining but surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

Outdoor dining here with the beautiful views of the surrounding mountains gives it a special feel.

Upon arrival you will be taken to your seat, and one thing you will notice immediately is the knowledge and service from the waiting staff.

The staff here don’t just take your order on a scrap of paper, they tell you about the dish, the flavours and minute by minute your taste buds are exploding.

Cuisine at the Restaurante de Mogan are a blend of traditional dishes, served like you would see on high end cooking shows.

Avocado, mango, pork, guava jam and lemon grass are just a few of the delights you will find on the menu.

You will not find fast food served here, this is a place where even a gastrophilist would certainly be pre booking visit number 2.

Valle de Mogan Restaurante Gran Canaria

Chefs at the Valle de Mogan are second to none.

Their passion and expertise shines through every dish served and you are left wondering is there any way to take them back home so you can enjoy this everyday.

One thing is for sure, Mogan is a stunning place, if you are here on holiday, or even a day visit, please try this place out, thank us later!

Valle Mogan Restaurante Opening Hours

Monday: 12.00pm - 16.00pm | 19.00pm - 22.30pm
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 12.00pm - 16.00pm | 19.00pm - 22.30pm
Friday: 12.00pm - 16.00pm | 19.00pm - 22.30pm
Saturday: 12.00pm - 16.00pm | 19.00pm - 22.30pm
Sunday: 12.00pm - 16.00pm | 19.00pm - 22.30pm

Valle de Mogan Restaurante Address

Calle Los Pasitos 2
Pueblo de Mogan
Gran Canaria

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