Turkey Water Sports | Scuba | Diving | Jet Ski | Sailing

Turkey Water Sports | Scuba | Diving | Jet Ski | Sailing

Make the most of your holidays by enjoying a variation of Turkey water sports. 

Turkey is surrounded by vast waters – the Black Sea, Aegean Sea, Marmara Sea and the Mediterranean Sea - and that makes cruising one of the most common forms of water sports in Turkey. 

There are various cruising charters available for tourists’ use so need not worry of its availability. 

Some of these charters may even be arranged online for customers’ easy access. 

Other forms of Turkey water sports for you to choose from are the following: scuba diving, windsurfing, canoeing, fishing, rafting and many more. 

Holidaymakers need not worry about the safety of Turkey’s water sports. 

Turkey water sports are guided and facilitated by well-known instructors. 

Make sure you spruce up your holiday by getting a blast through any of Turkey’s water sports. 

Engaging in Turkey water sports may also be arranged in the resorts. 

Several travel agencies could include any form of Turkey water sports in your hotel and resort package as you wish. 

Feel the excitement of action and make sure you try at least one of Turkey’s water sports when you visit the country.

Spruce up your Turkey holiday and discover a unique and breathtaking underwater experience! 

Turkey Water Sports

Another surefire way to enjoy a country’s history is underwater – Turkey Diving. 

The best spots for Turkey Diving are the Aegean and the Mediterranean coasts. 

These Turkey Diving spots are sure to give you a more intimate look at Turkey through a journey to its past in the presence of shipwrecks and rich underwater environment. 

Turkey Diving requires permission from local authorities and if you’re a foreign diver, you would be required to present a documentation of your training and qualification before you could go on Turkey Diving. 

Also, it is mandatory in Turkey Diving that a Turkish diver guide foreigners as they explore the Turk’s territories. 

Turkey Diving posts a limit of 30 meters for divers with complete gear.

For educational explorations, Turkey Diving permits 42 meters as an extension. 

One important thing to remember in Turkey Diving is the restriction of transporting underwater resources or specimens. 

Most of all, have fun! There is so much to enjoy in Turkey and the sea is just like an extra bonus for holidaymakers to explore!

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