Turkey Money Exchange | Pounds to Lira

Turkey Money Exchange | Pounds to Lira

Turkey Money Exchange: Everyone wants to get the best rate when it comes to getting their currency prior to a holiday.

We spend hours trawling the internet to find the best rates, and change huge sums to get more for our money.

If you are travelling to Turkey, however, it is a whole different ball game, as your pound will stretch a whole lot further by changing your sterling in the resort instead of taking Lira with you.

If, for example, you get 2.5 Lira to the pound at the airport, or 2.7 on the high street, you are looking at at least 2.8-9 in resorts.

Everywhere, from hotels and bars to restaurants and corner shops will happily exchange you sterling for Lira, commission free.

If you don’t want to carry hundreds of pounds around with you, the larger resorts such as Marmaris have numerous HSBC cash machines that allow you to withdraw your money in sterling, Lira or euros.

Turkey Money Exchange

Get enough out to last you a few days and even with the charge taken into consideration you will still come out on top.

Turkey is already a hot spot for British holidaymakers keen to avoid the euro zone and get real value for money on their much longed for holiday, and the in resort currency exchange just makes it an even more attractive option.

You can also pay for goods and services in sterling and get your change in Lira, but this isn’t advisable in the markets as everything happens here at such a pace you could find yourself out of pocket.

Make sure you have changed your money before you go on day trips too, as while some will offer currency exchange the rate will probably be a lot lower, and if you are going exploring into remote areas, Lira is a must if you want to buy anything.

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