Thinking of Travelling Alone to Benidorm?

Thinking of Travelling Alone to Benidorm?

If you are planning on travelling alone to Benidorm then you have nothing to worry about.

You won’t be the first and certainly won’t be the last going to Benidorm as a solo traveller.

Nearly 15 years ago I first went to Benidorm on holiday.

I ended up staying here for 3 weeks and although was not travelling alone.

I knew in my heart I would make the move here one day.

A week after getting back to the UK I just packed and went.

I needed to see what Benidorm was all about, on my own, again a week trip here ended up being a month.

For around 4 years I would come for a month, then 3 months, finally 6 months then just packed up and made it permanent.

One of the biggest obstacles, was travelling alone to Benidorm safe?

Was it going to be fun on my own or am I just going to end up sitting in the corner of a bar all by myself?

Well, what I learnt, and for the hundreds of people who travel to Benidorm every year on their own, it’s a pretty good experience.

Travelling Alone to Benidorm

Not all of us are in relationships, maybe not want to spend downtime with friends or just prefer having time to ourselves, Benidorm is the perfect place to go.

Every bar, restaurant or hotel, you are always made to feel welcome.

The beauty of Benidorm is that it is so diverse, there is always people here in your own age group.

Not only that but it’s a fun and vibrant resort, within minutes of ordering a beer in a bar you are either talking to fellow holidaymakers or having a chat with the bar staff about how expensive petrol is back home, it’s just that random.

Safety issues where always there whilst I was travelling in Benidorm alone.

Now that I live here I still keep my wits about myself.

Would I walk down a dark side street when I just had a 6 hour session in the Black Chicken?

Would I stop and let the ladies of the night have a 10 minutes conversion with me whilst they empty out my pockets?

Would I try my luck with the Benidorm Pea Men?

Hell no, and even now I try and let others know about the dodgy goings on that could ruin their holiday.

If you go out with 100 Euros, why not save 5 Euros for a taxi back to the accommodation?

Keep it simple, keep your wits and enjoy Benidorm to the fullest.

Accommodation was one of the annoying parts of travelling alone.

You know you are going to get hit with the single occupancy rates.

After 3-4 visits on my own to Benidorm I decided to just go self catering in an apartment.

Hotels are great for meeting new people, you have everything you need under one roof but for me it was about getting out and about and made sense to leave the comfort of the hotel environment.

If you have been thinking about going to Benidorm on your own, all I can say is go for it.

You never know, you might enjoy it and end up living here 🙂

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