Torremolinos | Amazing Spanish Holiday Destination

Torremolinos | Amazing Spanish Holiday Destination

Just forty years ago, Torremolinos was a quiet and obscure fishing village.

Despite the rapid changes it has seen in the last few decades, it has kept some of its traditions, while welcoming the modernization that is part of its new role as one of Spain’s biggest tourist destinations.

For example, there are many fresh fish bars in the shopping centres, right between the designer boutiques and gifts shops.

Where else can you find salmon and stilettos within metres of each other?

However, Torremolinos has left behind sleepy isolation forever.

Hundreds of people walk its streets, including famous celebrities, veteran jetsetters, famous authors and artists.

One of their favourite haunts is the Calle San Miguel, a lively place full of sophisticated stores, ice cream vendors, street hawkers.

It’s a very colourful and very unforgettable experience just walking down this stretch and looking at the people who gather here.

Hidden Treasures

But hidden in the side streets, away from the neon signs and the disco music, are the cobbled streets of old Torremolinos, where canaries still sing in their cages and children play traditional games.

You can find holes in the walls here, local restaurants that serve the famous tapas and the homemade wines.

For a taste of the old Torremolinos, head for the original fisherman's district.

It is located on the western side of the town centre.

You’ll be rewarded with the best seafood dishes in the entire region.


The district has seen some renovation, though.

They’ve constructed a new promenade that stretches to Puerto Deportivo in Benalmadena.

It also bridges La Carihuela with Playamar beach, beyond the Santa Clara peninsula.

This is a great way to get exercise, just walking from Torremolinos to Benalmadena.

If you’re tired, or seek shade, you can stop at any of the many beach bars and cafes located along the way.

Stunning Green Areas

Though several high rise buildings have been constructed in Torremolinos, the government has helped to preserve the area’s beauty and charm by creating several public gardens as well.

The town boasts of over a thousand kinds of trees.

You’ll be surrounded by banana trees, magnolias, and delightful clusters of rose and azalea beds.

Embroidering the edges of Torremolinos are forests and crystal clear springs, the perfect place to have a picnic. In fact, these sites are equipped with barbecue facilities.

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