Amazing Things to Do in Vienna | Austria

Amazing Things to Do in Vienna | Austria

Amazing Things to Do in Vienna: Austria’s capital is steeped in culture and history.

It is the perfect stopping point for city breaks and travellers wanting to experience more than a party town.

If you have the luxury of time to explore the city, then the possibilities are endless.

But for people passing through and those on a schedule, there are some things to see in Vienna you should definitely knock off the list.

Cultural Things to See in Vienna

Vienna is synonymous with old world luxury and decadence.

It is the feature of many classical pieces of music and art.

Find the inspiration for the music of Mozart and the paintings of Gustav Klimt in the baroque architecture flanking cobbled streets which give way to the sandy banks of the Danube.

Take a scenic river cruise along the infamous Blue Danube, or stroll along the banks of the river.

For the more adventurous, there is even a nudist beach along the banks.

Most people may prefer the Alte Donau area of the river, which has some clubs and swimming pools.

Vendors, cafes and restaurants are bountiful on the picturesque embankment, where you can indulge in some holiday treats like traditional apfelstrudel, or some famed Austrian beer.

Grab a sausage from a Würstelstand and wash it down with some local beer.

Austria has a great selection of locally brewed beers, so try the home brand in any bar you rest up in.

Things to Do in Vienna

Often these little bars are also breweries, so you are getting the finest beer fresh from the source. For dessert, visit Xocolat.

The museum and chocolate factory for Austrian brand Zotter.

Workshops are available for budding chocolatiers, and the 9th century factory is set amongst the ancient arches of the Ferstel Passage.

Museums in Vienna

After absorbing the sights and flavours of the city, take a tour of Freudian Vienna.

Perhaps the world’s most famous psychoanalyst, and the founding father of the art, Vienna pays homage to the man that changed modern psychiatric medicine.

We all know a little bit about Freud, but the Sigmund Freud Museum delves into the mind of the man himself.

It is definitely one of the most interesting things to do in Vienna.

The museum is set in his old apartment, where he worked until exiled by the German Army in 1938 and tours are offered in multiple languages.

The museum offers a little insight into German occupied Austria, with a selection of photographs of the house gratified with symbols from this era.

There is also a small museum dedicated to letters, photos and manuscripts of Mozart’s, Located in his only remaining Viennese property.

The house is known as Figarohaus, but there is only a very small collection of items on view.

Concluding your trip to Vienna, visit the Schonbrunn Palace.

This spectacular Palace has over 1,400 rooms, but it is the exploration of incredible grounds that can see tourists wander for days.

The palace is styled in the Rococo style, and its building was created by the Holy Roman Empire in the 16th century.

Highlights include the Gloriette, false Roman ruins, and the Great Parterre of Schönbrunn adorned with 32 sculptures of deities.

Spend your evenings in one of Vienna’s many opera houses, where you can see an original from as little as 5 euro.

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