Amazing Things to Do in Torrevieja | Torrevieja Holidays

Amazing Things to Do in Torrevieja | Torrevieja Holidays

Things to Do in Torrevieja: Torrevieja, Spain is located a little over thirty miles south Alicante along the Costa Blanca coastline.

It is in the Province of Alicante situated half way between Alicante City and Cartegena and east of Murcia.

No different than many of cities on the Costa Blanca, tourism is a central to Torrevieja’s economy and offers all tourists plenty to do during their stay.

It is particularly a popular destination for British, German and Scandinavian tourists with its population largely European.

The summer climate is very hot while the winters are rather mild.

With its beautiful summer climate, though, it is one of the most popular holiday areas in the Costa Blanca.

The region around Torrevieja is known for its natural salt production producing about a half a million tons of salt annually.

The salt is produced from its two nearby salt lakes.

Originally, the city was only a small salt-mine and fishing village but with the growth in tourism, it has expanded to meet the tourism demand.

Presently, salt, fishing and tourism are Torrevieja’s main economic forces but its salt production also has benefits for its tourists.

Things to Do in Torrevieja

The Natural Park of the Lagoons of the La Mata and Torrevieja is a protected park in the area and especially noted for its population of flamingos among other exotic birds.

For the visitor, the park offers more than simply beautiful scenery but also offers relaxing salt baths.

Salt baths offer many health benefits and are especially beneficial for illnesses such as arthritis and certain skin conditions.

There is no shortage of shopping opportunities in Torrevieja with thousands of shopping establishments as well as one of the largest open markets in Spain, offering fruits, vegetables, crafts, jewelry and many other goods.

Note, though, that all markets are not open every day.

For example, the main market in Torrevieja is only open on Fridays while the craft market is only open on the weekends.

If not shopping or enjoying the natural park, there is always golf to play in the Costa Blanca.

Torrevieja Golf Club is one of many great golf courses in the area.

Fees range from thirty five to eighty Euros depending on the course and season.

Because of its beautiful climate, Torrevieja has become a popular golfing destination.

There will be no need to travel far to find the perfect golf course, as there are several large courses in the area.

Alicante International Airport is the closet airport.

Upon arrival at the airport, there are numerous transportation choices available for you to reach the city including the bus, a taxi or local car hire companies.

Whether you simply need to reach Torrevieja or prefer the freedom of your own car, there is no need to worry about transportation during you stay in Torrevieja.

You will quickly be on your way to a fabulous visit in one of the most popular destinations on Spain’s beautiful coastline.

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