Best Things to Do in Sunny Beach | Bulgaria Holidays

Best Things to Do in Sunny Beach | Bulgaria Holidays

Trips and Excursions in Sunny Beach

Things to Do in Sunny Beach: Check with your hotel’s reception or shop around the local agencies, for organised excursions that will offer you a full day of sightseeing.

Here you will get the best guides by locals who will give you the best possible experience of any sightseeing or tour you take in Sunny Beach.

Although many holidaymakers to Sunny Beach are on package deals or all inclusive holidays, trips and tours are very cheap and a great reason to escape your resort for an afternoon.

Nessebar Town Trips

Nessebar is an ancient, small rocky town, included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage as it is one of the oldest and finest places of architectural importance in Bulgaria. 

In Nessebar you can view the ancient fortress walls, mediaeval churches, narrow paved lanes, old wooden houses with strings of dried fish hanging from their roofs.

Varna-Golden Sands

Varna is a main port of Bulgaria and is situated on the northern coast of the Black Sea. 

Things to Do in Sunny Beach

Not only is it a very popular resort but it is a regional administrative, economic and cultural centre as well. 

In Varna you can find remarkable Maritime Gardens with a rich variety of local and Mediterranean plants and also see charming shows with dolphins in the Dolphinarium and rare species of fish in the Aquarium.

For those who love art, a theatre and opera house, as well as several museums and art galleries, will keep them busy for as long as they stay there. 

Another interesting and lovely festival taking place in Varna is the annual international music festival in the summer.

Things to Do in Sunny Beach

A boat cruise to the estuary of the Ropotamo River is highly recommended if you want to spend an exciting day on board! 

Visit the Archaeological Museum in Sozopol, and don’t miss visiting Burgas. Bourgas gently blends modernity with culture and tradition. 

There are lots of cultural events taking place there; one of them, very popular, is the International folk festival in the summer.

Nightlife in Sunny Beach

The nightlife scene in Sunny beach has really come on over the years and is now vibrant and fun.

You will find everything from cabaret, karaoke, local bars, big clubs, comedy shows and is still very cheap to eat and drink away from your hotel.

Bulgaria has come along way over the years and is now on par as many say to the nightlife you find in Benidorm.

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