Things to Do in Sharm El Sheikh | Egypt Holidays

Things to Do in Sharm El Sheikh | Egypt Holidays

Things to Do in Sharm El Sheikh: Sharm El Sheikh continues to be one of the most popular destinations searched on Oasis Holidays over the Winter Sun period.  

It is a destination that has it all, whether you want to sunbathe on silvery beaches or dive in the beautiful waters of the Red Sea.

Oasis Holidays has hundreds of Sharm el Sheikh holidays available right now, whether you are looking for a last minute holiday or just a quick break in the sun. 

Sharm El Sheikh Location

Sharm El Sheikh is a busy, popular holiday resort located on the Red Sea Riviera on the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt.  

It is on the coast between Mount Sinai, the desert and the Red Sea, at the mouth of the Gulf of Aqaba.  

This makes the area particularly popular with diving holidays.  

It is one of four cities in this part of Egypt, the others being Taba, Nuweiba and Dahab.  

Sharm el Sheikh contains popular tourist resorts such as Naama Bay and Sharks Bay.

History of Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh started life as a fishing village originally and has grown in size and importance, partly due to its strategic location.

Things to Do in Sharm El Sheikh

Following previous control of the area by Israel, in the 1980′s under Egyptian rule Sharm was designated an area of development.

Climate and Weather in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh is generally hot and dry all year round.  

Summers are very hot so UK tourists tend to visit Sharm in winter as a Winter sun destination as the nights are cooler.  

Rain is rare and the temperatures in Summer can reach 40 degrees at times with up to 13 hours a day of sunshine in July.  

Between November and March temperatures tend to be in the 20′s varying between an average of 27 degrees in November to a low of 22 degrees in January, then climbing back up again.

Sharm El Sheikh Beaches

Sharm el Sheikh tends to be popular for its beaches/diving as opposed to its cultural heritage.  

There is a wealth of silvery white and glimmering gold beaches in Sharm el Sheikh, including the most popular areas such as Naama Bay, a major tourist spot.  

Northward, beaches such as Sharks Bay and Nabq are proving to be very popular also with tourists, helped by the calm clear waters that surround this area.  

Most hotels have their own private beaches, although you can also try some of the smaller beaches nearer to the Marine National Park such as Quay Beach and Main Beach. 

What is there to Do in Sharm el Sheikh Egypt

Sharm El Sheikh Activities

Aswell as a fantastic beach holiday, Sharm offers fantastic diving opportunities and is a hub for diving holidays due to its amazing coral reefs and marine life.  

The area is home to Ras-Mohammed-Marine-National-Park, known as one of the best places for dive areas in the world.  

In addition to this, there are plenty of adventures to be had for families and holidaymakers alike such as quad biking, camel riding and plenty of water sports.

Popular Resorts in Sharm El Sheikh

The coastal area from Sharm to Ras Um Sid, includes buzzing nightlife, holiday complexes galore and many hotels to choose from.  

Along this coastal strip also lie Naama Bay and Sharks Bay.

Naama Bay – Fabulous for nightlife, Naama Bay is a buzzing tourist hot spot in Sharm el Sheikh and is the main tourist area.  

Things to Do in Sharm el Sheikh Egypt

Shopping, dining and nightlife are all very well catered for here and there are plenty of shops, restaurants and bars/clubs to choose from.  

The hotels are situated in a main strip here, along the promenade and beachfront.  

From here you can book your diving excursions or even trips to nearby historical sites such as the Valley of the Kings.  

The Resort of Naama Bay is 10km from Sharm el Sheikh Airport making it ideally placed for a holiday.

Sharks Bay – 10km from Naama Bay, Sharks Bay (so called due to its Arabic name meaning ‘house of the shark’) can be visited on a day trip from Naama, but also now houses an array of hotels and holiday villages to choose from.  

Offering diving plus beaches, Sharks Bay is fast becoming a popular place to visit.  

There is a huge array of entertainment and activities to do here both underwater and on land.

Currency: Egyptian pound (EGP) and Piastries.  100 Piastries = 1EGP

Flight Time from UK: approx. 5 hours

Local Time: Currently 2 hours ahead of the UK

Language: Officially Arabic although English and French are also widely spoken especially in tourist areas.

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