Things to Do in Portugal | Book Portugal Holidays Today!

Things to Do in Portugal | Book Portugal Holidays Today!

Things to do in Portugal: For those into traditional and religious experiences Portugal has an abundance of events. 

Religious pilgrimages (romarias),festivals (festas) and fairs (ferias) intoxicate all of the population and literally bring towns to a stop.

Things to Do During your Holidays in Portugal

Go North if you want a Portugal holiday filled with tradition and culture, you will find these events much less touristy. 

If you are after a party during Carnival, this takes place about six weeks prior to Easter.

Enjoy face painting, parades and loads of partying.

During Easter and Holy Week you will find processions in most towns.

If you are an animal lover riding competitions and horse shows visit the Feira de São Martinho in November.

Do you like golf? if golf is your idea of heaven Portugal is the place for you, from a round by the sea to amazing cliff tops where the wind can change in an instant making it breathtakingly beautiful.

Portugal is ideal for families and couples alike, as well as for groups of friends. 

Escape to Lisbon or Oporto or visit the Algarve which is famous for its exciting atmosphere and endless coastline.

Whether you are after a weekend break in Lisbon, a relaxing break to Villamoura or a lively holiday to Albufeira, we can help you find the Portugal holiday of your dreams! 

Choose a property from our extensive range of self-catering apartments or 3*, 4* and 5* hotels. 

Things to Do in Portugal

You can call us and our experienced staff will strive to find you the Portugal holiday of your dreams!

Full of history, culture and beautiful mountain and beach scenery Portugal can accommodate every taste! 

It is highly recommended for a relaxing holiday as well as a lively break and all that under 3 hours away. 

Book now and experience a truly breathtaking destination!

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