Best Things to Do in Malia | Crete | Greece

Best Things to Do in Malia | Crete | Greece

Eating out in Malia

Things to Do in Malia Greece: Greek cuisine, as part of the Mediterranean cuisine family will remain in your memory forever. 

Delicious recipes are waiting for you to taste them.

A variety of restaurants is welcoming holidaymakers from all around the globe.

The sun restaurant is around 10 mins walk from Malia. 

The number one family restaurant remains open from 9AM - until late, with a full children’s menu, and play area.  

Another smart choice is definitely, Eva traditional restaurant with its delicious home made food, located on the seaside from between Malia main road, and the Malia port.

You will find your dream restaurant only 15 minutes walk from the main road and you will definitely appreciate what the locals have to offer you.

What is the Currency in Malia?

Euro is the currency you will be needing when visiting Malia.

Nightlife in Malia

Malia, well known all around the globe for its unique nightlife, tends to attract the majority of English tourists. 

Visit Corkers Night Club, one of the best clubs in Malia, and see Spiros and Yiannis in action, with top music/DJ/lights. 

Things to Do in Malia

Also visit Factory, one of the best clubs at the beach road playing house, retro and all your favourite kinds of music. 

Have the time of your life with your friends and the locals and you will undoubtedly not forget Malia.

Outdoor Activities in Malia

While at Malia, visit Crete's version of the Grand Canyon, Samaria Gorge, only by walking 16 km which will take the average person 4 - 6 hours but will with no doubt reward you for your effort.

The lovers of history will be with no doubt impressed by the beauty of the area. 

The palace, which was built about 1900 BC, lying approximately 3 km from Malia is waiting for you to unravel its history and mystery. 

Things to Do in Malia

Also, while at Malia don’t hesitate to walk along Imbros Gorge, one of the popular gorge trails you will find in Crete with its tight canyons and stunning vegetation. 

Just 7 kms long, the most picturesque area awaits for you to discover its beauty.

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