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Things to Do in Luxor Egypt

Things to Do in Luxor: At Luxor's street markets you can find a variety of goods, especially at the King Meena Bazaar, a variety of souvenirs, papyrus, and other items of very good quality.

Since you are visiting a brilliant place of archaeological importance search for beautiful stone carvings of the many monuments to buy and other souvenirs like that such as a pyramid or Sphinx.

Close to the Winter Palace you will find Aboudi Bookshop to buy any kind of book you can think of! 

In there you will find books with cooking recipes, novels, books by brilliant Egyptian authors, books about Egypt and Luxor, magazines, newspapers,and all kinds of literary paraphernalia.

Nowadays you can find machine-manufactured pieces or even hand-carved alabaster. 

Buy beautiful vases, bowls and different kinds of pots which are a lovely way to decorate your house or office.

You will also find some shops that sell hand made glass bottles of very fine quality and style.

This is used for perfumes that are also made in an old and traditional way so you can both use the perfume and decorate your house at the same time. 

Things to Do in Luxor

Also look for cartouche which is a panel with hieroglyphics, an ancient Egyptian pictographic language, and either buy one large enough to hang it on your wall or a small one to wear around your neck as an accessory.

Tourism is one of the biggest sources of income for Egypt, even though lots of people make their living from agriculture. 

However the economy is heavily depending on tourism and therefore every year the development as well as the investments in tourism is increasing rapidly. 

Therefore tourism is Egypt’s main industry.

Egyptians are wonderful people, very warm and welcoming and extremely familiar with tourists. 

Because they have such a rich culture and they are proud of it, they will even give you an unprepared history lesson on the spot!

They are very fluent in English, Italian, French and Russian as well. 

They are also very helpful without being tiring or annoying and have a very genuine way both between them and with strangers. 

Their cuisine is exquisite, their service is great and they know how to show a good time with lots of dancing and singing!

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