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The Best Things to Do in Cyprus

Things to Do in Cyprus: The cultural heritage of Cyprus is more than 9000 years old. 

However what gets everybody’s attention nowadays is the events that have taken place the past thirty years instead of everything that happened centuries ago.

Lots of opportunities are also offered for windsurfing, paragliding and swimming. 

Beaches suggested are Geroskipou, Dasoudi, Larnaca, Dasoudi Beachand Germasogeia (latter two at Limassol). 

South of Limassol, on the Akrotiri Peninsula (and also inside the British military base), Lady’s Mile Beach is a beautiful sandy beach stretching down a long way. 

Northern in the coast of Paphos, Coral Bayis a popular resort around a nice beach.

In the wine festival in September you have a marvellous opportunity to taste all the local wines! 

During the pre-Lenten Carnival, Limassol also hosts a celebration, with bands, brightly decorated floats and dancing. 

West of Limassol, at Fasouri, are extensive citrus orchards and the Water Mania leisure park.

Things to Do in Cyprus

Southeast of Paphos, try some Greek Delight (like Turkish Delight) at Geroskipou village, which also has a small Folk Museum.

In Prodromos, the highest village in Cyprus, 1530m above sea level, you can try the best apples.

Whereas in Pedoulas in the lush Marathasa Valley which is well-known in spring for cherry flourish, and other fruits, you can taste the juiciest cherries.

Kalopanagiotis also has orchards. 

Moutoullas, a source of mineral water bottled and sold locally, also exports water to the Middle East.

Agros produces rose water, mineral water and wine.

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