Things to Do in Blackpool When it Rains

Things to Do in Blackpool When it Rains

Things to Do in Blackpool When it Rains:

We all want the best weather having our holidays or days out to Blackpool but sometimes this cannot be helped.

Don’t let that put you off visiting Blackpool or staying in your hotel, there are many things to do when it rains in Blackpool!

If you don’t mind getting wet then the Pleasure Beach Theme Park is a must, you will soon forget about the weather when on those white knuckle rides screaming!

A popular choice on a rainy day in Blackpool is the Sandcastle Water Park.

If you're going to get wet you might as well do it in one of the country's best water parks and great for all the family to enjoy.

The Amusement arcades are great on a rainy day in Blackpool, a bag full of 2p coins to kill a few hours is as nostalgic as Blackpool can be.

Coral Island, Funland and the Golden Mile arcades are the most popular ones and you can also grab a bite here with everything under a dry roof.

Things to Do in Blackpool When it Rains

Blackpool Tower is normally on the top of people lists on a holiday to Blackpool and has so much under one roof.

Not just a trip to the top of Blackpool Tower with awesome views but also the Blackpool Circus, famous Ballroom, crazy golf and many more attractions to fill a rainy day in Blackpool up!

Another option to do in Blackpool if the weather is not so good is to enjoy the cabaret and Karaoke bars in Blackpool.

You will not have to wander far before you hear the music and there is nothing wrong with having a boozy afternoon on holiday!

One option also is to jump on the tram and visit one of the local towns like Bispham, Cleveleys and Fleetwood.

Great choice for markets and shopping, restaurants and exploring places you may not get to see when the sun is out and you find yourself on the beach.

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