Awesome Things to Do in Barbados

Awesome Things to Do in Barbados

Awesome Things to Do in Barbados: When choosing a destination for a summer holiday, Barbados has to be one of the top destinations on your list!

This idyllic island sits in the Lesser Antilles and covers an area of about 432 square kilometres and is surrounded by pristine white sand beaches and turquoise waters.

The island is famous for its friendly locals, colourful boats, Caribbean lifestyle and tropical sunshine.

The most popular activities for tourists involve the sea.

Snorkelling, diving and all forms of water sports will make any visitor here a pleasure.

When is the Best Time to Visit Barbados?

This question will be answered by how hot you like your days to be!

Spring months of December to May are pleasant and less humid, whilst the summer months can be spectacularly hot!

Judge your trip on a scale of how red your skin goes when it burns!

Peak season for prices is from November to January as the island receives the most visitors around this time.

Potential hurricane season is from July to October and while this doesn’t mean you’ll get hit by a hurricane, it can rain a lot more often and the humidity is higher in hurricane season.

This is great as travel over these months is usually less expensive from the UK than during traditional school summer holidays, which makes it the perfect destination for couples.

In spite of this, families are able to go over Christmas holidays, when the mood around the island becomes joyful and spirited, though they may be missing the reindeer!

Things to Do in Barbados

How to get to Barbados?

As this small island has become increasingly popular over the years, so have the methods of getting to the island.

You can catch a cruise ship throughout the Caribbean islands and stop off for a day or if you are looking for the best holiday, why not book a flight with a charter and have the time to enjoy this island like you know you want to!?

In the past long haul flights were daunting, but now, they happen to be the most comfortable and relaxing part of your journey.

Sit back with movies and entertainment and access to food and drink.

Whilst you're there, you are only a short boat ride away from other islands, hidden coves and rocky inlets.

Enjoy exploring the area at leisure and with the helpful guidance of an expert local.

Top Attractions in Barbados

Undoubtedly, the most exciting thing about Barbados at first sight is the exotic landscape.

There is a wide scope of tropical plants and trees in luminous and neon colours.

The island which has been battered by hurricanes and the sea boasts triumphant rocky coastlines, jagged cliffs, hidden pools and waterfalls.

When that first mesmerizing glimpse becomes a little familiar, it is time to indulge in the local culture and cuisine.

Eat your way around the island in an exciting array of seafood dishes.

As with any holiday destination your favourite European dishes can be found in certain bars and most hotels, but forgo the traditional fish and chips in favour of swordfish.

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