Things to Do in Bangkok | 24 Hour Bangkok Holiday Guide

Things to Do in Bangkok | 24 Hour Bangkok Holiday Guide

Things to Do in Bangkok: Yes, yes, we all know that one night is nowhere near long enough to appreciate the vibrancy and sheer life of Bangkok.

But if you do find yourself here on an overnight stop, or on a flying business trip, there are some must see sights to fit in between acclimating yourself for a longer return visit.

This is one of the most bustling cities in the world, with a backdrop of a beautiful landscape. 

There are a great range of hotels should you need to book a room and while there is plenty of budget accommodation.

If you are only staying one night in Bangkok why not treat yourself to one of larger hotels that are the last word in luxury.

Heading out into the city, it might be wise to pause for a moment and take a breath before you plunge headlong into the heaving throng. 

First port of call has to be the Grand Palace, an exquisite example of the architecture and culture of this fascinating country. 

It is also the home of the Emerald Buddha, which the Thai people consider to be one of their most sacred and revered artefacts.

If you fancy a bit more culture, take a trip to the National Gallery Museum and the National Museum

Things to Do in Bangkok

Then after grabbing something to eat from any one of the eateries that are literally everywhere, check out the famous floating market. 

A few drinks and some famous Bangkok evening entertainment has to be on the itinerary as you can bet your bottom dollar that will be the first thing people ask you about on your return home.

Bangkok is at the centre of the cultural Mecca that is Thailand, and 24 hours simply isn’t enough to do it justice. 

Make sure that as you board your flight after a very long day that you make yourself a promise to return.

Things to Do in Bangkok

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