Temples of Karnak Egypt | Discover Amazing Egypt

Temples of Karnak Egypt | Discover Amazing Egypt

Temples of Karnak Egypt: The temples at Karnak are one of the greatest architectural achievements besides the Pyramid.

Located a few kilometers north of Luxor, it spreads on approximately 250 acres. This is the largest religious complex in the world.

The construction continued over an elongated period of thousand years and was contributed by more than thirty Pharaohs.

The temple of Amun is the centre piece of the site which is surrounded by a multitude of giant columns, obelisk, pylons and many statues.

Further down the site, the magnitude of the Hypostyle Hall leaves visitors breathless.

It is the most documented site outside Cairo.

The ceiling was 82 feet high and supported by twelve columns in rows of six.

Natural earth tones are used to provide a dazzling effect of limited light that crept into the halls.

Once inside the hall, visitors can feel how it would be like to stand in the great hall underneath the shadowy reflections of great columns, which itself created a powerful image of foreboding.

Temples of Karnak Egypt

If you plan to stay late, don’t miss the light show at night.

It covers the history of the complex and that of the great city of Thebes.

The show is presented in six different languages and don’t forget a camera.

It is a good idea to hire a tour guide who will provide you an overview of the history and guide you to the locations seldom visited by other tourists.

Later on, you may continue your tour, in private. It is a huge site that can take hours to uncover.

Therefore, it is suggested that you take a lot of water with you and wear comfortable shoes.

There are many sights to visit in Egypt, if you are putting together a list, be sure to add the Temples of Karnak!

Temples of Karnak Egypt attractions

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