The Stunning Village of Tejeda Gran Canaria

The Stunning Village of Tejeda Gran Canaria

Tejeda Gran Canaria is a fantastic place to visit whilst on holiday on the island.

Steeped in tradition and very authentic, it has that old world romantic feel to the place.

The stunning village of Tejeda is the 2nd smallest in the Gran Canaria.

It's home to one of the iconic monuments on the island, the neighbouring Cruz de Tejeda Gran Canaria (Cross of Tejeda), a carved cross made from stone, in a mountain pass set 1580 m (5184 feet) above sea level, indicating the center of Gran Canaria.

At this popular sightseeing attraction, you will discover bustling bars and restaurants, stores selling souvenirs and other regional specialities, such as honey that is great, and a guy offering donkey rides for kids.

This is a great spot to sit back, unwind and enjoy a cup of tea, or a glass of wine.

Should you crave peace, then you need to avoid this place, since it is also a favourite place for the locals to visit.

The large peaks will clearly attract serious walkers and climbers but this place also offers comparatively brief and easy walks to lure the energetic for a nice stroll amid this magnificent scenery.

Whilst some of those walks are fresh, the majority of them are Caminos Reales (royal avenues ), historical paths traversed from the Guanches -- the earliest known inhabitants of the Canary Islands - for around the middle of the island.

Tejeda Gran Canaria

It sits at the slopes of a crater and boasts several archaeological remains like graves, caves, stone engravings and paintings.

With no upswing of tourism in this region, this village could have been abandoned long ago, since it's not feasible to reside just on agricultural cultivations in this barren soil.

But, Tejeda Gran Canaria supplies a nice stopping place for lunch and as you're here try, or buy a few of those tasty, neighbourhood vanilla candy specialities Bienmesabe (literally:'It tastes great to me') and marzipan.

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