Taba Egypt | The Perfect Holiday Resort

Taba Egypt | The Perfect Holiday Resort

Taba is the ideal destination for those looking to avoid mass tourism. 

It is rapidly becoming home to leading international hotel chains, providing a very high standard of accommodation and service. 

If you prefer to be more adventurous, there’s an array of Bedouin camps to choose from located right on the sea offering basic accommodation.

Taba is an ideal destination for those relishing under-water activities.

It is a divers’ paradise offering spectacular undisturbed coral reefs and exotic marine life. 

Most prefer to travel to Egypt in the winter months when the weather in Europe is bleak and stands contrast to the perfect amount of warmth and sunshine offered in Egypt during the winter months.

Diving in Taba

Taba offers a rare and unique diving environment. 

The Taba area is home to many rare species of marine life that are indigenous to that area and can hardly be found in any other part of the Red Sea. 

Taba has the unique position of offering excellent dive opportunities in an uncrowded environment.

Topaz and Coral City are the perfect destinations for novice divers.

El Muqabila is an interesting destination for the intermediate diver.


Dining in Taba

The majority of dining options in Taba include fine dining international cuisine offered by the various hotels in the area. 

Taba Heights offers a dine-around programme where you can sample the restaurants of hotels other than your own.

There are many lovely candle-light dining options and most restaurants offer lovely views and terrific ambience.

Entertainment in Taba

Taba is primarily a quiet resort where you can let go of all your anxieties and truly relax. 

It is limited in the way of entertainment outside of the hotels. 

However, most of the hotels have animation teams who put on nightly shows and have competitions and events during the day.

Water Sports in Taba

Taba offers an array of water activities in addition to highly popular snorkelling and diving. 

These include water skiing, windsurfing, kite surfing, glass bottom boats, parasailing, canoeing, paddle boating and sailing.

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