Sightseeing in Corsica by Car | Corsica Sightseeing

Sightseeing in Corsica by Car | Corsica Sightseeing

Sightseeing in Corsica by Car: Whilst a week or two spent relaxing in the Corsican sunshine may seem like heaven to some, there are those who will want to make the most of their time on this glorious island.

Most of all, see as much as they possibly can while they are here. 

By far, the best way to explore Corsica is by car, as it gives you the freedom to go where you want, when you want, and not be tied to any public transport timetables.

For the purpose of this article the island is split into two halves; the north and the south and there are a few pointers to take into consideration. 

There are a number of car hire options available across the island that can be easily compared on websites such as the car hire market before you arrive as to make the most of your time. 

If you intend touring Corsica by car the best months to do so are May, June or September.  

You can also call us at Oasis Holidays who can arrange your car hire ready for your trip to Corsica.

The climate is cooler and more comfortable to travel around in, and the roads are a lot less crowded than they are in the peak summer months.

While the freedom of the opening road is beckoning, do your research as you don’t want to be stuck somewhere remote when night falls with nowhere to stay the night.

So plan a rough itinerary that will make sure you have accommodation every night.

Starting with the airport city of Calvi in the north, drive through the Balagne and feast your eyes on the authentic perched villages and breathtaking views.

Sightseeing in Corsica by Car

The Balagne Crafts Trail is well signposted and you can get the chance to see real Corsican crafts being created, and pick up some great souvenirs. 

After a night’s rest, drive into the mountainous heart of the island to visit Corte, the spiritual capital of Corsica.

When you have explored the beauty of the mountains, head to the west coast and see some of the finest nature available anywhere. 

The Gulf of Porto sits here, as do the dramatic Calanches de Piana. 

Further along this coast you will come to la Réserve Naturelle de Scandola with its red granite cliffs that plunge into the crystal clear waters.

So to the south, after flying into Figari or Ajaccio, head to Porto Vecchio and experience the delights of the old town. 

Make sure you take some time out on one of the glorious beaches here before driving to Bonifacio and explore its old town that is perched on towering cliffs, and admire the views from the Citadel. 

Sightseeing in Corsica by Car

From here head to Sartene, nicknamed the most Corsican town on Corsica, and wander the town's cobbled streets lined with austere buildings.

Next up is the Valinco Gulf, an area rich in culture and history that is seen in its watchtowers and standing stones. 

From here it is easy to get back to Ajaccio, and explore the birthplace of Napoleon with its art galleries, museums, vibrant cafes and colourful markets.

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