Shopping in Abu Dhabi | UAE Holidays

Shopping in Abu Dhabi | UAE Holidays

Shopping in Abu Dhabi: When going on a holiday to Abu Dhabi you cannot leave without buying something as a token or memory. 

And while travelling around UAE you need to use a car rental service. 

Therefore here are 3 of the most well liked malls to shop and you need to go to them with expectations of leaving with lots of items.

The 3 top shopping centers you need to visit and go shopping at are; to start, the Abu Dhabi Mall is the #1 mall to shop. 

This great mall is close to all locations where holidaymakers stay in the hotel areas. 

The Abu Dhabi Mall is two-hundred-thousand square meters.

This is a mall to get lost in and spend a lot of cash with over two-hundred and twenty stores with more predicted.

The second most well liked shopping is the Abu Dhabi Duty found at the Abu Dhabi International Airport, making sure that the tourists get yet another opportunity to buy more products and they must have products to take home with you. 

This isn't only one place it has one or two different shops inside it and you'll be capable of finding far more than you were expecting at these stores will. 

You may wish to buy an additional case for all the items you will be buying from the top three stores. 

You can purchase that additional case at any of the top three malls.

The third most well liked shopping mall is Al Ain Mall, which is a place that offers holiday makers shopping and various bistros and entertainment like bowling. 

Placed on one-hundred-eight-thousand square meters with 3 levels designed specially for shopping and entertainment also found inside walking distance from the hotels tourists stay. 

Shopping in Abu Dhabi

There are bowling lanes, 4 movie theaters, a room exclusively for kids to play in and a skating rink. 

It's that time to find one more credit card because, after you have shopped the first 2 malls and now at Al Ain Mall you'll definitely need that additional card and suitcase to bring it all home. 

Imagine shopping and your kids not complaining to go back home because they can bowl, watch movies, or play in the playroom for youngsters.

There are items you mustn't ever leave the country without them. 

Dubai considered the ‘City of Gold ‘ with the gold sold by weight. 

In addition, if gold is not what you are interested in then Arabian antiques such as etched trays, framed (Khanjars) daggers are necessary to buy and take home these items are priceless. 

There will be no-one else who will own what you'll buy when you purchase a handcrafted item, for example woven baskets, camel bags, Moroccan lanterns, and Turkish or Persian small paintings you can watch them paint before purchasing them.

Shopping in Abu Dhabi

Just be sure to have fun when spending cash, and time with your friends' family collecting memories to bring home. 

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