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Sharm El Sheikh Egypt Holidays

Sharm El Sheikh Egypt: Sharm el-Sheikh's boasts wonderful landscapes, it has a dry and pleasant climate throughout the year and long natural sandy beaches.

The sea is always clear and calm and these are the main reasons why Sharm El Sheikh major industry is foreign and domestic tourism including water sports fans that can enjoy various water sports, particularly recreational scuba diving and snorkelling.

The underwater and marine life cannot be compared with anywhere else in the world, as it offers a magnificent and dazzling time for divers. 

Featuring 250 different coral reefs and 1000 species of fish, the underwater life attracts scientific tourism with a variety in marine life species.  

The region around Sharm El Sheikh is currently one of the top destinations in the world as it combines all these natural attractions with proximity to all European markets.

What to See and Do in Sharm El Sheikh

Heavenly beaches, exotic fish and breath-taking natural landscapes, have made Sharm El Sheikh Egypt an extremely popular destination. 

Sharm also provides wonderful opportunities for scuba diving and is a real challenge for water sports fans. 

Along the 10 mile beach between Sharm el-Sheikh and Ras Nusrani one can find many diving sites.

Sharm El Sheikh Egypt

The sea in Sharm is surprisingly crystal clear, and features rare and beautiful reefs, and a variety of exotic fish. 

The actual city is a centric point of entertainment as during the day, is full with sports activities, excursions and people who lay outside or in restaurants, smoking ‘shisha,’ similar to smoking tobacco, offered in a variety of fruit flavours, smoked from a large pipe filled with water.

During the night, the city dresses up with lights and live entertainment as locals display their talents, art and perform musical or theatrical shows in the streets which are filled with tourists enjoying.

The most charming element of Sharm El-Sheikh is that it combines exotic features with a genuine European touch at the same time. 

It has first rate accommodation and amenities and some of its hotels even though they offer equivalent to five star hotels in other parts of the world services, are actually available at fantastic prices. 

There is a mix of local, traditional and cosy hotels with modern designs, as well as larger international hotel chains and they all offer their guests a cosmopolitan scent at great prices.

Various board options are available for many of the hotels and resorts in Egypt as a whole.

All-inclusive is the most popular option for many holiday makers visiting Egypt and these resorts are very well tailored for tourists.

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