Sardinia | A Holidaymakers Guide

Sardinia | A Holidaymakers Guide

For a slice of idyllic Italian culture in the pleasant climate of the Mediterranean, visit Sardinia.

The island is so famed for Italian culture with trickles of African influence that many visitors just don’t want to leave.

Skip the tourist part and trade a week long summer break for a villa for sale, or a house in Sardinia for sale.

The island is the second largest in the region, though it is greatly overshadowed by popular tourist island Sicily.

This is what makes it the ideal location for anyone thinking of moving abroad for a culture change and beautiful surroundings.

The island is mountainous inland, but low lying around the coastline.

Sardinia is the perfect mix of African and Italian cultures.

It is also very close to neighbouring French island Corsica.

At times it may seem a little bit confusing when ordering a menu with a unique selection of cuisine (tip: try the cheeses!) but that’s what keeps the island exciting.


Life in Sardinia will constantly surprise…especially if you take a boat trip beyond the beaches!

Sardinia is a diving hotspot.

A short boat ride away and you will be immersed in spectacular azure waters with shoals of fish in rainbow colours.

It is one of the few places in Europe that promise pleasant diving conditions all year round, with a guarantee of seeing all sorts of sea creatures.

If that doesn’t appeal to your fancy, the more firm-footed types may prefer the security of local villages on the island.

Alghero, by the ocean, is the best of both worlds.

It has mesmerizing views of the sea, and a lovely sea breeze to cool you down on those toasty summer days.

The medieval streets are often populated with Italian tourists doing some lazy souvenir purchases.

Pick up some red coral handmade jewellery to send home.

The highlight of the town is the Cattedrale di Santa Maria, a gothic architectural masterpiece.

Oristano is a little further along the coastline, but this is the place to go for a little history about Sardinia.

The village is also renowned for its famous soft sheep’s cheese.

It is such an acquired taste that you may have to hunt for it in the Black Market of the town.

Sardinia Southernmost edge is home to Cagliari.

The city is the most sleek and urban of the three, and here is the place to come for shopping, cocktails and spas.

The city is only an hour away by train from the airport.

The city's highlight is the unspoiled Roman Amphitheatre.

The ruins are in almost perfect condition, and a great place to spend an afternoon.

So there are your choices if you are considering a move to Sardinia, there’s a village for everyone, it’s just a matter of finding that perfect villa or house!

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