Santa Cruz Holidays Tenerife | Holiday Resort Guide

Santa Cruz Holidays Tenerife | Holiday Resort Guide

Santa Cruz Holidays Tenerife: One of the reasons Santa Cruz Tenerife is so popular is that it has something for everyone.

Each holiday resort in Tenerife has its own plus points, not to mention awesome weather and stunning beaches!

Santa Cruz Holidays

Santa Cruz is the capital of Tenerife and is the second most populated city in the Canary Islands, there are around 200,000 inhabitants in this area alone.

Santa Cruz is well known for its harbour, not only is it one of the busiest harbours in Spain, it is also the deepest in the world.

The harbour sees a lot of boats, yachts and cruise liners coming in and out all day.

With many bars and restaurants situated around the harbour you can sit back, relax and watch one of the busiest harbours in action.

Shopping in Santa Cruz is amongst the favourite past times for many visitors.

Santa Cruz

Most tourists will begin at the Plaza de España which is located on the seafront.

From here you can work your way up Plaza de Candelaria which offers top international brands at tax free prices.

Shopping in the Resort

The shopping around Santa Cruz is filled with mainly multistory buildings of which you will find up to 8 floors of shops.

Each of the shopping centres will offer you something different, food and if you really want to buy it, speed boats and mopeds!

Located in the surrounding area is also a tram, these trams will take you around the capital avoiding the rush hour traffic and are a great way to see the city.

Tenerife's Tourist Board is also located in Santa Cruz where you can collect maps, street plans and other information to help you enjoy your holiday in Tenerife.

Santa Cruz is mainly visited by people wanting to shop and visit the Lido, Concert Hall and a few other attractions.

Parking is quite easy in Santa Cruz, once you arrive in the city there are plenty of parking areas available to you, some you will have to pay others you don't.

If you are going for a visit then be sure to put on some good shoes as you will be walking around a lot.

Santa Cruz all inclusive holidays Tenerife
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