Sant Antoni Fiesta Benidorm 2022 | Patron Saint of Animals

Sant Antoni Fiesta Benidorm 2022 | Patron Saint of Animals

Sant Antoni Fiesta Benidorm is one of those fiestas you may not have heard of.

If you are an animal lover, then you will really enjoy this Benidorm Fiesta.

The Patron Saint of Animals, Sant Antoni, is a celebration and gathering where animals are blessed.

Not just for cats and dogs, you will see animals of all kinds here.

Horses, rabbits, birds, peoples pets and anything of the animal variety will be seen here.

Although a fiesta for the animals you will also get to see many stalls showing off the harvest, and some great foods to try.

Over the course of the fiesta, animals are taken through to the chapel, blessed and then you can spend some time mixing with the locals.

Sant Antoni Fiesta Benidorm

Compared to the Benidorm fiestas we are used to, this one is very much local, which gives it that true authentic Spanish feel to it.

The Sant Antoni Fiesta is held all over Spain which shows how popular it is.

It’s also a great time for the locals to have their animals checked by many of the vets who attend the fiesta.

Benidorm Sant Antoni Fiesta Dates

Held early in the year, the Sant Antoni Fiesta will be on the 17th – 22nd January 2022 TBC.

Location of the Sant Antoni Benidorm Fiesta

You will find the Sant Antoni Fiesta at the rear of the El Cisne market and the blessings start at around 11.00am.

There are fiestas all through the calendar year in Benidorm.

If you want to try something different, authentic, and definitely one all ages will enjoy, the Sant Antoni Fiesta is a must!

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