The Rovers Return Benidorm | Food & Drink

The Rovers Return Benidorm | Food & Drink

We all like that one place we use for our meals on holiday and the Rovers Return Benidorm is a popular one.

With a great location on the popular Benidorm Strip, the Rovers Return is a hub for Benidorm holiday makers.

A good location in the New Town and popular with returning guests the Rovers Return Benidorm has a great menu to suit all tastes and ages.

For breakfast the Rovers Return does a good sized fry up which will match any back home, in size and quality.

Throughout the day you have many meal options from a traditional fish n chips dinner to a curry tea.

Quick bites are also available at the Rovers Return in Benidorm, combos and meal deals for the savvy saver are popular.

The Rovers Return drinks menu is as equally as good.

Draft beers, bottled beer and both local and branded spirits are served here, all at great prices.

Rovers Return Benidorm

Soft drinks are also available for kids and those who may be feeling the effects from a heavy night.

Kids have a fantastic choice also at the Rovers Return.

Although with good prices the adults menu maybe tempting the choice is just as good for the children on holiday.

Live entertainment is held in the evenings through the high season.

A mix of comedy, live music and karaoke for everyone to enjoy.

Mainly a food bar, the Rovers Return is busy through the high season with many regulars and does get busy.

The staff are very helpful and will get you tables together so all your party at sat together.

On the main strip but not open like Jumping Jacks, it’s a good place to get out of the heat and cool down in the shade.

The Rovers Return welcomes you even if you are just drinking and be sure to try out some of the cocktails.

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