Rhodes Greece | Beach Resorts, Sightseeing & More

Rhodes Greece | Beach Resorts, Sightseeing & More

Rhodes is by far the biggest island of the Dodecanese complex and the third all around Greek islands. 

It is situated west of Turkey and Cyprus Island at the south part of mainland Greece. 

In 2020 the population of the island was estimated at 90,000 citizens which more than half is staying at the main city. 

Furthermore Rhodes is the capital of the Dodecanese complex situated very close to other smaller islands such as Symi, Chalki and Panormitis.

Rhode’s size is approximately 550 square miles and about 220 km coastline. 

The main city of the island is located at the north side almost 15 km away from the main International airport named ‘Diagoras’ and 2km from the biggest harbour where by small boats anyone can easily visit all the islands of Dodecanese.

The island’s accommodation caters for every budget. 

You can spoil yourself in some of the most exclusive hotels in the Mediterranean, experience life in a renovated medieval house in the Old Town.

Rent an apartment by the sea, take a small village villa, or stay in one of hundreds of small and friendly family-run hotels. 


With all board options available you can book an all-inclusive Rhodes holiday, self catering, half board and many more.

Some of the world’s most accomplished windsurfers and kite surfers meet in the summer at Prasonisi, where a narrow strip of land divides a sandy and windy bay at the far south of the island.

One side is always calm while the other is always windy.

This is great for those looking to get into the sport and want to see how it’s done or just great to watch from the beaches.

Popular with those looking for sightseeing are both the Palace of the Grand Master of Knights and also the Colossus of Rhodes.

If you are a beach lover then a day at Tsambika beach is a must, you will not find many beaches this idyllic.

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