Playa de Puerto Rico Gran Canaria | Puerto Rico Beach

Playa de Puerto Rico Gran Canaria | Puerto Rico Beach

Playa de Puerto Rico Gran Canaria is well known for being one of the sunniest beaches on the island, for beach lovers, this is the place to be.

Along with a stunning coastline, Playa de Puerto Rico is a firm favourite for those who enjoy water sports.

Snorkelling, jet skiing, boat trips and fishing are all popular for those visiting the beaches of Puerto Rico.

You have plenty of accommodation options in Puerto Rico, hotels, resorts and private holiday lets, most within easy reach to this stunning beach

Not just famous for its beaches, Puerto Rico is a hub of activity.

Bars and nightclubs are dotted around Puerto Rico with genres to suit everyone’s taste.

Away from the beach you have water parks, great shopping areas and golf courses which shows how diverse Puerto Rico is.

Buses run to the beach daily and you will also find most main hotels will also have a shuttle service available.

Playa de Puerto Rico Gran Canaria

Within minutes of the promenade you have lots of cafes and bars to visit.

Restaurants in the local area serve a great selection of cuisine.

Everything from traditional Spanish dishes to Italian, British, African and even Asian restaurants can be found in the area.

The beaches in Puerto Rico are family friendly with a mix of quiet and vibrant areas.

There are wheelchair adaptations along the promenade for those with mobility issues and areas to clean off the sand when leaving the beach.

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