Pink Beach Komodo Island Indonesia

Pink Beach Komodo Island Indonesia

Pink Beach Komodo Island Indonesia: Hearing the name of the island Komodo, probably will thrill us. 

Looming large in the minds of reptiles slithering of crocodiles, it seems creepy. 

But who would have thought, on this island there is a unique beach and sweet to hear. 

Residents around commonly name it the Red beach, but the world knew it as Pink Beach Komodo Island. 

Although there are seven beaches in the world that are given the title of Pink Beach, but it does not need to go so far to enjoy the sweetness of the pink beach. 

The atmosphere feels more private and romantic, because along this coast there is no building anything and also not inhabited by locals. 

So, when you visit this beach feel, “the beach is mine”.

Quickly capture your romantic moments with a pair here. 

The sand on this beach is pink, because the mix of red rubble. 

But in fact, such tiny sea life is named Foraminifera Amoeba that produces pink or red colour on the coral. 

If you touch the sand, it will show red coloured sand in between the white sand.

Pink Beach Komodo Island Indonesia

And if the waves awash the sand and then pull on it, then the colour becomes dark pink sand. 

Graded blue the seawater. In it there are hard and soft corals that are still healthy and colourful. 

Plus, many ornamental fish there such as clown fish, butterfly fish, batfish, and others. 

And then, the landscape is enhanced by the hills that underlie this beach. Perfect!

Getting to Komodo Island Pink Beach

To achieve this beach, the easiest way is to fly from Bali to Labuan Bajo. 

Then you can rent a boat or fishing boat from Labuan Bajo to Komodo Island. 

And because it’s still very quiet, you’d better bring your own lunch. 

But still keep the cleanliness and preservation, yes!

Pink Beach Komodo Island Indonesia

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