Peacock Island Benidorm | Isla de Benidorm

Peacock Island Benidorm | Isla de Benidorm

Peacock Island Benidorm for those who have not ventured is a good trip for everyone.

It took me ages to actually get round to it but after seeing the Garveys and Mel try to buy it on the TV series Benidorm I made my move.

Getting to Peacock Island is easy enough.

If you head down to the harbour in the old town you can purchase your tickets and hop on.

The boat trip over to the island is a bit bumpy and even though i’m not a boat person is was not to bad and did enjoy it.

One thing which makes having a visit to Peacock Island a good trip is not only do you get to see the main attraction but a boat trip and the chance to see Benidorm from a different angle.

You really do get a sense of just how big of a place Benidorm is from the sea.

After a short boat trip you dock at the Island and is accessible to get on and off the boat.

Once you alight the boat you have the yellow submarine waiting to take you around the island, another bonus on this trip.

Although not compulsory it is a great experience and included in the price with a chance to see some of the local marine life.

I will stress that if you take the trip to Peacock Island on a scorcher of day take a t-shirt or you will not be allowed in the submarine with no top on.

Peacock Island Benidorm

After your little trip around Peacock Island in the submarine it’s time to have a wander around the island.

For those who have never been it is rough terrain trails you walk on so make sure you have suitable footwear on.

I would not recommend this trip for those with walking problems or push chairs but there is a nice cafe/food bar on the island so if in a group you could still enjoy the boat and submarine part and whilst other members of the group explore you can have a coffee and relax with stunning views over Benidorm.

When you reach the summit of the island you realise just how big it is and how far away from Benidorm it sits.

This is a great opportunity to get the camera out and grab some awesome pictures.

You can stay on the island for as long as you like and have seen holidaymakers take there beach towels and spend a few hours sunbathing here.

Refreshments and toilet facilities are provided on the island and you can catch any boat back to Benidorm at your own leisure.

Tickets where around 15 Euros but be sure to double check if you are allowing for this in your spending money as prices may increase after this blog has been published!

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