Where is the Main Nightlife in Benidorm?

Where is the Main Nightlife in Benidorm?

Where is the Main Nightlife in Benidorm is a question we love to answer!

The answer is pretty simple, Benidorm caters for everyone and it’s super easy to get around the resort that you are never far away from anything.

The nightlife in Benidorm ranges from a quiet bar with a pint to the mega clubs on the top roads.

It really is down to personal preference for what you would consider is a good night for yourself.

Where is the Benidorm Nightlife?

Benidorm New Town Nightlife

The nightlife in the New Town is a great mix of late night fun clubs on the main square, vibrant bars along the strip and a host of live entertainment.

For those who enjoy the cabaret in Benidorm, Talk of the Town, Benidorm Palladium, Cafe Benidorm and Mogan Tavern are all very popular.

If you prefer a more of a local pub feel, Yorkshire Pride and the Wooky Hollow 2 are great options.

For those looking for late night dancing in the fun pubs, Stardust, Champions and Broadways are great choices.

Benidorm Old Town

The Old Town is a must visit and you will not be short of options when looking for nightlife in Benidorm here!

Popular for those who enjoy cabaret are the Kafee Klee and Pig n Whistle all with live shows/entertainment till the early hours.

Nightlife in Benidorm

Benidorm Old Town for nightlife is quite spread out so is worth pre planning ahead as it is easy to lose your bearings here.

You will also find that the Old Town has a great LGBT scene and is very welcoming to everyone regardless of your orientation.

Rincon Nightlife

The Rincon part of Benidorm is one of our favourites. Just walking along this stretch of road you can hear some of Benidorms' best performers doing their thing as you wander past.

The Rock n Roll Bar, Tropical Bar and The Show Boat are all excellent venues for live cabaret.

As you approach the New Town area you will find many side streets with even more Benidorm nightlife options with the Triangle Pub, White Horse and Union Jack all great places to start a night out before you hit Benidorm.

You will not be at a loss when looking at where the main nightlife is in Benidorm.

Wherever you go in the resort you can be sure that you will find a place that suits your tastes and have an enjoyable holiday!

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