Murcia Weather | 12 Month Weather Outlook

Murcia Weather | 12 Month Weather Outlook

Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn, it is always the perfect season to visit Murcia.

The weather in Murcia is like that of other cities along the Costa Blanca.

It’s all about location, actually. It is no wonder these cities in this Mediterranean region were so desirable and are still today.

It is because the light ocean breezes keep things temperate and it’s as if the mountains to the west offer protection from any type of uninvited weather pattern.

The average temperature throughout the year is 18 degrees Celsius (65F).

Winter Wonderland

Winter, generally the months of December and January, is the coolest with temperatures about 10 degrees Celsius (50F).

This is a great time to take in outdoor hiking or even golf.

You can dress comfortably in light sweaters but be sure to bring at least a light jacket for evenings when the ocean breeze cools things off further.

Spring Fling

Spring warms up a bit and makes for a great beginning to the true tourist season.

The weather is warm enough for swimming and all kinds of outdoor dining experiences without being the peak of tour time.

Students with Spring fever begin to emerge, but will soon be departing to their summer homes.

Sizzlin’ Summer

With the introduction of more tourists and the exit of full-time students, the city changes as dramatically as the climate.

It can really heat up in the summer reaching about 40 degrees Celsius (104F)!

The ocean breezes keep the shore pleasant enough, but the inner city, located about 45 km away, doesn’t usually benefit from ocean winds.

Murcia Weather

The buildings and pavement can make it unpleasant for walking, and many older buildings are not equipped with air conditioning.

Summer, however, is the perfect time to just relax at the beach.

You can plan your activities that require exertion (golf, hiking, sight seeing) for the early morning hours then retreat to the cool ocean waters for the rest of the day.

Once the sun sets about 8 p.m. it will once again be a good time to walk the city streets or dine out.

Festive Fall

Fall is when school starts again and the city once again transforms back into a pleasant, mild spot for late season vacationers.

Temperatures will return to a pleasing 24 degrees Celsius (75F).

Water temperatures remain warm enough to enjoy swimming in the ocean any time of year.

In short, there is not bad time to visit Murcia.

The Murcia weather is predictable and consistent.

It is safe to say, it is a great day in Murcia, no matter what day you are talking about.

Packing for Anytime of the Year

There are some basic staples you will want to put in your suitcase no matter what time of year or what kind of weather you expect in Murcia.

Swim gear goes without saying, but you will also want to have a light weight cover up when the summer sun gets too hot for skin to bear.

A lightweight jacket is sufficient for anytime of year, but in the winter months you may want to bring one loose fitting enough to layer your clothing with a light sweater under the jacket.

A wide-brimmed hat will protect your skin from the summer sun and heat as well.

Of course, anything you forget can be purchased at any number of shops downtown and at reasonable prices.

For an enjoyable visit during any time of year, you should bring comfortable walking shoes or sandals.

The city lends itself to a walking tour and the long beaches cry out for barefoot excursions.

One thing you probably won’t need to pack is an umbrella!

The rainfall averages just 3 cm per month, with the heaviest peaks in late fall and early winter where you may get 6 cm per month.

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