Best Mexico Holiday Destinations | Mexico Holidays

Best Mexico Holiday Destinations | Mexico Holidays

Mexico Holiday Destinations; Formerly known as Estados Unidos Mexicanos (United Mexican State) has 1500 mile long border with the US, and is situated in North America. 

The total area of Mexico country is 750,000 sq. miles. It is said that Mexico is the ‘Paradise for Tourists’.

Deserts, snow-capped volcanoes of Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl, crowded modernized cities, ostentatious resorts, lovely white-sand beaches and a marvelous collection of flora and fauna are the attractions for the tourists. 

Each year about 4-5 million tourists visit Mexico. 

A holiday to Mexico might not be as expensive as years gone by, unlike other countries of the world, package deals are the main way to book. 

There are hotels, transportation and food available at variable rates. 

Mexico City, Acapulco, Cancun, Guadalajara, Playa Del Carmen, Merida are the cities, towns and villages of Mexico.

Holiday Destinations in Mexico 

Mexico City Holidays

Mexico City is the world’s largest city, located at Tenochtitlan-The Capital City built by Aztecs. 

This international city has got sight-seeing places like parks, museums, huge colonial buildings, an Aztec pyramid, restaurants, resorts and lovely nights. 

In Mexico City, there are many places to visit like, Zocalo Chapultepec Museum, Guadalupe Shrine, Tulancingo, Pyramid of Niches, you can also take a boat ride at Xochimilco.

Mexico Holiday Destinations
Acapulco Holidays

Nahua Natives -The Predecessor of the Aztecs, discovered Acapulco. 

It’s a favourite place with wide-spread warm water beaches with a sun shine. 

Acapulco is an ideal sight for the beach lovers and perfect for honeymoons and couples holidays. 

One of the most popular holiday destinations to visit in Mexico you will have a great choice of resorts.

If you are a fan of water sports then Acapulco is definitely worth checking out.

Cancun Holidays

Cancun is basically a coastal city of Mexico, and is the hottest tourist preference. 

The city is situated along a beautiful coast. For beach lovers, it’s a perfect place for holidays. 

You can enjoy the white sand along with the contrast of blue waters. It is a great opportunity to enjoy the world under water. 

Holiday destinations Mexico

You can go deep in the water for a swim, or take sunbath. Cancun has got over 150 luxurious hotels and resorts. 

These hotels are equipped with international standards and some are expensive so definitely shop around. 

But you can also find some low cost hotels with great amenities, call us today for great prices on package deals to Mexico. 

At Cancun, you can have a chance to swim with dolphins, sharks and manatees.

Water sports are very popular in Cancun and there is something for everyone here.

Playa del Carmen Holidays

Playa del Carmen is located at Mexicana Caribbean coast, 60 km South from Cancun. 

It is also known as Xaman Ha (waters of the North) and is the exciting part of Maya World. 

Playa del Carmen is gifted with perfect white sand and crystal-clear Caribbean waters. 

It is a place where you can really get the natural beauty.

Guadalajara Holidays

Guadalajara is the second most populated city of Mexico, and is also the capital city of the State of Jalisco. 

Mexico Holiday Destinations

This place has got an ideal climate. 

Days are hot and shiny, while nights are cool and clear. 

Guadalajara -The City of Roses, contains parks, fountains, plazas, and wide tree-lined boulevards sprinkled about the city.

Merida Holidays

Merida is also known as ‘White City’ because there are white limestone and white paints all over the city. 

Merida is the capital city of the State of Yucatan. The people of Merida are warm-hearted and friendly. There is no concept of crimes and thefts. 

The biggest problem you will face is finding a hotel appropriate to your budget. Merida is a place to enjoy Mexican culture.

Book Mexico Holidays Today

Mexico is a tremendous destination to explore either with family or along with friends. 

There exist blue waters, bars, restaurants, parks and museums where you can have fun filled days and nights. 

Oasis Holidays has great deals on Mexico Holiday Destinations and many low deposit booking options.

Call us today and we can get you the best deal for your Mexico Holiday.

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