Menorca Holidays Guide | Book Menorca Holidays!

Menorca Holidays Guide | Book Menorca Holidays!

Menorca, the smallest of the three strong archipelago nestling in the Mediterranean prides itself on the fact that it offers the holidaymaker a totally different experience that you will find elsewhere in Spain. 

Whereas Ibiza has a reputation as the party island, and Mallorca appeals to families and groups of young travellers thanks to its many attractions and nightlife, Menorca has carved a niche niche for itself with the mature traveller, and seems to have no intention of changing that.

The essence of Menorca is a chilled ambience that makes it hard to believe you are actually in Spain. 

With the majority of accommodation being villas and apartments as opposed to large corporate hotels, the resorts are very much stand alone and unlike the rest of Spain they haven’t constantly expanded so they all sort of meld together to make continuous resorts along the coastline. 

There are numerous options for car hire in Menorca available that allow you to better explore the island without having to rely on local transport.

What makes Menorca so special is its ability to offer you a holiday that focuses on relaxation, yet still has many attractions should you wish to explore the cultural side. 

The result being that when you get on the plane home you have memories of a fabulous holiday yet feel completed rejuvenated with fully recharged batteries.

Through the summer months the island comes to life with several festivals, the best known ones being International Opera Week.

The International Organ Festival, both held in Mahon, and the Ciutadella music festival. 

These are vibrant, colourful fiestas that give the visitor an insight into the real Menorca and is a sharp and exciting contrast to the usual laid back attitude of the island and its people.


Mahon is the capital of Menorca, and if you didn’t know it was the capital you would be hard pressed to recognise it as such due to the lack of hustle and bustle that usually exists in capital cities. 

There is a wide range of different attractions here, and although there is decent nightlife thanks to the many bars and restaurants, the emphasis is very much on the culture of the island that the Menorcan’s are so rightly proud of.

There are, of course, beautiful beaches and picturesque towns and villages, just because there is such a relaxed air about the place certainly doesn’t mean there is nothing to do. 

It has a reputation as being a destination for older travellers.

This is mainly due to the fact that they prefer to relax on holiday as opposed to dancing the night away in clubs or transferring their stomachs into their minds on adrenaline rushing rides.

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