Marmaris Turkey | Discover Magical Marmaris Today!

Marmaris Turkey | Discover Magical Marmaris Today!

When you are enjoying Turkey holidays, visiting Marmaris beaches would be the best highlight of your holiday. 

There are many public and untouched beaches in Marmaris. 

On Marmaris Beaches, you will enjoy the fresh air and the view of the beautiful white sand and clear turquoise waters that extend into the deep dark blue sea. 

You can go for a swim or just dip your feet in the water.

There are also a number of activities offered on Marmaris beaches. 

You can play volleyball on the sand. You can enjoy sailing, water sports, and yachting activities. 

Marmaris Beaches have hotels either right on the beach or a few minutes away.

When you are walking along the beach, you are bound to find fun activities, bars, pubs, restaurants, and cafes. 

There is also an event called Marmaris Beach Party, which takes place on one of the secluded Marmaris beaches. 

Tourists often sail to the beach, and enjoy an ice box full of beer, fruit, wine, and drinks. 

You can enjoy fresh fish, grilled meats, salads, and marinated chicken. Party goers can also participate in water sports. 

It is a day of swimming, laughing, dancing, singing, and eating.


When you come to Marmaris, you will relax and enjoy lots of sun on Marmaris Beaches.

Nightlife in Marmaris

While you are enjoying your luxurious holiday, it will be a great night time activity to visit a few of Marmaris Nightclubs. 

Dozens of night clubs are located along the marina and on Bar Street. 

There are also nightclubs that are located in the center of the city, between the old town square and the marina. 

Located on Bar Street, Club Areena is famous for its laser shows and all-night dancing. 

Admission is also free, which will save holidaymakers money on their Turkey holidays. 


Marmaris Nightclubs offer tourists a fun party atmosphere that begins in early evenings and continues all night long. 

If you are walking on the beach, you are bound to find one of Marmaris night clubs and you are welcome to join the party.

Marmaris Bars are located on beach fronts and along Bar street. 

You can grab a taxi or even walk to one of Marmaris bars to have a good time and enjoy the nightlife. 

You are guaranteed fun and excitement at at least one of the dozens of Marmaris Bars. 

At night, tourists on Marmaris holidays can enjoy food and entertainment areas called beach bars, which are wooden piers that extend into the sea. 

The most popular bar in Marmaris is Bar X. Bar X has huge crowds of people who enjoy all-night dancing and drinking. 

Having three owners, R.T.J’s Bar is also another popular bar that offers great entertainment and cheap drinks.

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