Marmaris Water Sports | Jet Skiing, Speed Boats & More!

Marmaris Water Sports | Jet Skiing, Speed Boats & More!

Enjoy Turkey holidays with Marmaris Water sports.

There are a host of activities you can participate in along the Lycian Coast. 

Holidaymakers often partake in Marmaris water sports activities such as diving, windsurfing, jet skiing, water skiing, and paragliding. 

Tourists also enjoy banana boats and speed boats and sometimes compete with others. 

Parasailing is a fun Marmaris water sports activity in which holidaymakers can sight see from 100-150 meters in the air. 

A Marmaris Water Sports activity that is becoming quite popular with tourists is flyfish. 

This is when tourists are on a huge raft that is shaped similar to a fish, and they are lifted 5 meters from the water and are perpendicular to the surface. 

Tourists, from beginners to professionals, can choose from many challenging Marmaris water sports activities according to its difficulty level. 

You can waterboard or mono water ski. At Plus Water Sports, the instructors monitor activity to ensure that you are safe. 

Marmaris Water Sports

They offer a Jet Ski Safari, in which tourists travel by jet ski to view beautiful mountain ranges and greenery of the Marmaris coastline. 

Tourists of 15 or 20 people have the option of taking a fast trip, where they are taken on a tour by a guide on a speed boat. 

The most popular Marmaris water sports activity is the banana, in which tourists ride on a raft that is shaped like a banana. 

Another Marmaris water sports activity that has been gaining popularity within the last two years is Big Mable. 

Marmaris Water Sports

Big Mable is a fun, endurance Marmaris Water Sports activity, in which tourists face the challenge of either holding on to the handles tight or choosing to let go, while being pulled by a speed boat. 

The Scrambler is also similar to the Big Mable because you lie down on your chest and hold on, so you won’t fall into the sea. 

Other fun Marmaris Water Sports activities are ringo and speed zone.

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