Margaret River Attractions | Australia Holidays

Margaret River Attractions | Australia Holidays

Visitors may have difficulty deciding which Margaret River attractions to see during their holiday adventure in the region.

Thanks to the wide-range of choices available, but there are several it would be a shame to overlook.

Checking out The Local Caves

While the Margaret River region houses over 150 natural caves, there are three in particular on the listing of activities visitors just shouldn’t forget.

The first, Jewel Cave, is made up of one of the most huge straw stalactites on the planet.

The cave is 42 meters deep and 1.9 km long.

The second, Lake Cave, brings viewers down a 350-step staircase in the stone amid early karri trees.

As soon as the bottom is reached ornate crystalline formations, underground lakes, and an awesome calcite that hangs in mid-air over a lake referred to as the, “suspended table,” can be noticed.

The final cave, Mammoth, is 500 meters long and 30 meters deep.

Around its walls rare and historic fossils of plants and creatures can be seen, such as the Thylacine and the Zygomaturus, a giant marsupial that was similar to a small hippopotamus.

Going to the Local Wineries and Breweries

For the beer and wine lovers of the travel world, the over 150 vineyards and various breweries of the local area could not possibly be left off of a must-see checklist of Margaret River visitors attractions.

Margaret River’s wine supply is world-renowned.

Because of this, the town features a plethora of vacation possibilities for visitors to look at and try the wineries and breweries.

Premium meals can likewise be easily bought along the way as the food in Margaret River is succulent.

Margaret River Attractions
Viewing the Whales

The natural caverns and famous wineries may draw attention, but the most popular of Margaret River attractions is by far whale watching. 

Starting in the month of June and ending somewhere in September a breathtaking northern migration of three species of whales can be viewed by vessel or shoreline. 

Humpbacks, Southern Right, and Blue whales can all be identified. Guided, pro charters can be taken for an up-close appearance that little ones in particular will appreciate for an encounter that will not quickly be forgotten about. 

Depending on the month, there are likewise countless locations on land that permit extraordinary viewing.

While these three Margaret River destinations top the list, the place has far more to offer visitors-enough so they may find themselves having to come back again and again.

Margaret River Attractions
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