Manchester Tourist Information Office

Manchester Tourist Information Office

The Manchester Tourist Information Office is located in the heart of Manchester.

It’s a great place to call into when you are visiting the city and are looking for things to see and do.

With being the official tourism office for Manchester they also have up to date information on events and activities that happening in the city.

Not just for new visitors to the city, the Manchester Tourist Information Office is great for those who live and work in the city and are looking for ideas for new places to see.

The tourist office is ran by its dedicated staff who are a wealth of knowledge on everything Manchester.

With so many events being held over the city, shows, hotels and places of attraction, if your looking to get the best from your time in Manchester then it’s well worth popping down here to get the most up to date information and advice.

Manchester Tourist Information Office

Manchester Information Office Address

  • One Piccadilly Gardens
  • Portland Street
  • Manchester
  • M1 1RG

Manchester Tourist Office Opening Hours

  • Monday: 09.30am - 17.00pm
  • Tuesday: 09.30am - 17.00pm
  • Wednesday: 09.30am - 17.00pm
  • Thursday: 09.30am - 17.00pm
  • Friday: 09.30am - 17.00pm
  • Saturday: 09.30am - 17.00pm
  • Sunday: 09.30am - 17.00pm
Manchester Tourist Information Office
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