Malaga Weather | 12 Month Weather Outlook

Malaga Weather | 12 Month Weather Outlook

Malaga Weather: If you are traveling to Malaga, Spain, you can enjoy yourself any time of the year.

But you will have to decide what you want to do on holiday in order to decide on what time of year to travel there.

Summers in Malaga are hot and dry, perfect beach weather.

But the winters are mild, with snow a rarity, so if you want to escape the snowy north, it might be an ideal destination for a winter holiday.

And the spring and fall have warm temperatures with only a little rain; most of the days in this region of Spain are sunny.

So if you are a sun worshipper, you will want to visit during the summer, but remember that's when all the crowds are there.

If you want to enjoy warm weather rather than hot weather, you may consider going to Malaga in the spring or fall.

Spring is a wonderful time to visit the Costa del Sol.

The temperatures remain warm, but not summertime hot.

They are usually in the range of 18 to 24 degrees Celsius.

At night it falls to a range of 9 to 15 degrees Celsius.

Malaga Weather

There is not much rain, since the average rainfall in March is about 60mm and in May about 20 mm.

Golfers especially enjoy the Costa del Sol in the spring because the temperatures are pleasant and there is not much rain.

If you are not a fan of summer heat, spring is the best time to travel here.

The busiest time of year in the Costa del Sol is the summer.

Summer season begins in June, when you will already have high heat and very full sun.

There is almost no break in the sunlight during the summer period, so even if you are a sun worshipper, be aware of that.

There is relief by the shore, because of the sea breezes.

Be sure to protect your skin from this relentless sun by frequent applications of sunscreen.

The hottest month for Malaga weather is August. In addition to the heat, August brings with it some humidity, and there can often be some sea fog rolling in.

Many people think Malaga in August is a sauna.

Temperatures soar to 40 degrees Celsius during the day and only drop to 30 degrees in the evening.

There are also frequent late day thunderstorms in the month of August.

Autumn is still a warm season in this area.

Temperatures range from 19 to 28 degrees during the day and drop to between 11 and 19 at night.

September is still fairly warm, and then the area cools down in October and November.

Winter is cooler, but not bone chilling cold like the north.

The winter will have most of the rainy days, but still not a great deal compared to the north.

There are many sunny days in the winter and snow is almost unheard of.

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